Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x001F0001 The IO was completed by a filter. ERROR_FLT_IO_COMPLETE
10x801F0001 A handler was not defined by the filter for this operation. ERROR_FLT_NO_HANDLER_DEFINED
10x001F0001 The IO was completed by a filter. ERROR_FLT_IO_COMPLETE
10x801F0001 A handler was not defined by the filter for this operation. ERROR_FLT_NO_HANDLER_DEFINED
20x801F0002 A context is already defined for this object. ERROR_FLT_CONTEXT_ALREADY_DEFINED
30x801F0003 Asynchronous requests are not valid for this operation. ERROR_FLT_INVALID_ASYNCHRONOUS_REQUEST
40x801F0004 Disallow the Fast IO path for this operation. ERROR_FLT_DISALLOW_FAST_IO
50x801F0005 An invalid name request was made. The name requested cannot be retrieved at this time. ERROR_FLT_INVALID_NAME_REQUEST
60x801F0006 Posting this operation to a worker thread for further processing is not safe at this time because it could lead to a system deadlock. ERROR_FLT_NOT_SAFE_TO_POST_OPERATION
70x801F0007 The Filter Manager was not initialized when a filter tried to register. Make sure that the Filter Manager is getting loaded as a driver. ERROR_FLT_NOT_INITIALIZED
80x801F0008 The filter is not ready for attachment to volumes because it has not finished initializing (FltStartFiltering has not been called). ERROR_FLT_FILTER_NOT_READY
90x801F0009 The filter must cleanup any operation specific context at this time because it is being removed from the system before the operation is completed by the lower drivers. ERROR_FLT_POST_OPERATION_CLEANUP
100x801F000A The Filter Manager had an internal error from which it cannot recover, therefore the operation has been failed. This is usually the result of a filter returning an invalid value from a pre-operation callback. ERROR_FLT_INTERNAL_ERROR
110x801F000B The object specified for this action is in the process of being deleted, therefore the action requested cannot be completed at this time. ERROR_FLT_DELETING_OBJECT
120x801F000C Non-paged pool must be used for this type of context. ERROR_FLT_MUST_BE_NONPAGED_POOL
130x801F000D A duplicate handler definition has been provided for an operation. ERROR_FLT_DUPLICATE_ENTRY
140x801F000E The callback data queue has been disabled. ERROR_FLT_CBDQ_DISABLED
150x801F000F Do not attach the filter to the volume at this time. ERROR_FLT_DO_NOT_ATTACH
160x801F0010 Do not detach the filter from the volume at this time. ERROR_FLT_DO_NOT_DETACH
170x801F0011 An instance already exists at this altitude on the volume specified. ERROR_FLT_INSTANCE_ALTITUDE_COLLISION
180x801F0012 An instance already exists with this name on the volume specified. ERROR_FLT_INSTANCE_NAME_COLLISION
190x801F0013 The system could not find the filter specified. ERROR_FLT_FILTER_NOT_FOUND
200x801F0014 The system could not find the volume specified. ERROR_FLT_VOLUME_NOT_FOUND
210x801F0015 The system could not find the instance specified. ERROR_FLT_INSTANCE_NOT_FOUND
220x801F0016 No registered context allocation definition was found for the given request. ERROR_FLT_CONTEXT_ALLOCATION_NOT_FOUND
230x801F0017 An invalid parameter was specified during context registration. ERROR_FLT_INVALID_CONTEXT_REGISTRATION
240x801F0018 The name requested was not found in Filter Manager's name cache and could not be retrieved from the file system. ERROR_FLT_NAME_CACHE_MISS
250x801F0019 The requested device object does not exist for the given volume. ERROR_FLT_NO_DEVICE_OBJECT
260x801F001A The specified volume is already mounted. ERROR_FLT_VOLUME_ALREADY_MOUNTED
270x801F001B The specified Transaction Context is already enlisted in a transaction ERROR_FLT_ALREADY_ENLISTED
280x801F001C The specifiec context is already attached to another object ERROR_FLT_CONTEXT_ALREADY_LINKED
320x801F0020 No waiter is present for the filter's reply to this message. ERROR_FLT_NO_WAITER_FOR_REPLY
350x801F0023 The filesystem database resource is in use. Registration cannot complete at this time. ERROR_FLT_REGISTRATION_BUSY

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