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This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x80200001 The requested job was not found. BG_E_NOT_FOUND
20x80200002 The requested action is not allowed in the current job state. The job might have been canceled or completed transferring. It is in a read-only state now. BG_E_INVALID_STATE
30x80200003 There are no files attached to this job. Attach files to the job, and then try again. BG_E_EMPTY
40x80200004 No file is available because no URL generated an error. BG_E_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE
50x80200005 No protocol is available because no URL generated an error. BG_E_PROTOCOL_NOT_AVAILABLE
60x00200006 No errors have occurred. BG_S_ERROR_CONTEXT_NONE
70x80200007 The error occurred in an unknown location. BG_E_ERROR_CONTEXT_UNKNOWN
80x80200008 The error occurred in the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) queue manager. BG_E_ERROR_CONTEXT_GENERAL_QUEUE_MANAGER
90x80200009 The error occurred while the local file was being processed. Verify that the file is not in use, and then try again. BG_E_ERROR_CONTEXT_LOCAL_FILE
100x8020000A The error occurred while the remote file was being processed. BG_E_ERROR_CONTEXT_REMOTE_FILE
110x8020000B The error occurred in the transport layer. The client could not connect to the server. BG_E_ERROR_CONTEXT_GENERAL_TRANSPORT
120x8020000C The error occurred while the notification callback was being processed. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again later. BG_E_ERROR_CONTEXT_QUEUE_MANAGER_NOTIFICATION
130x8020000D The destination file system volume is not available. Verify that another program, such as CheckDisk, is not running, which would lock the volume. When the volume is available, Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again. BG_E_DESTINATION_LOCKED
140x8020000E The destination volume has changed. If the disk is removable, it might have been replaced with a different disk. Reinsert the original disk and resume the job. BG_E_VOLUME_CHANGED
150x8020000F No errors have occurred. BG_E_ERROR_INFORMATION_UNAVAILABLE
160x80200010 There are currently no active network connections. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again when an adapter is connected. BG_E_NETWORK_DISCONNECTED
170x80200011 The server did not return the file size. The URL might point to dynamic content. The Content-Length header is not available in the server's HTTP reply. BG_E_MISSING_FILE_SIZE
180x80200012 The server does not support HTTP 1.1. BG_E_INSUFFICIENT_HTTP_SUPPORT
190x80200013 The server does not support the necessary HTTP protocol. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) requires that the server support the Range protocol header. BG_E_INSUFFICIENT_RANGE_SUPPORT
200x80200014 Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) cannot be used remotely. BG_E_REMOTE_NOT_SUPPORTED
210x80200015 The drive mapping for the job is different for the current owner than for the previous owner. Use a UNC path instead. BG_E_NEW_OWNER_DIFF_MAPPING
220x80200016 The new owner has insufficient access to the local files for the job. The new owner might not have permissions to access the job files. Verify that the new owner has sufficient permissions, and then try again. BG_E_NEW_OWNER_NO_FILE_ACCESS
230x00200017 Some of the transferred files were deleted because they were incomplete. BG_S_PARTIAL_COMPLETE
240x80200018 The HTTP proxy list cannot be longer than 32,000 characters. Try again with a shorter proxy list. BG_E_PROXY_LIST_TOO_LARGE
250x80200019 The HTTP proxy bypass list cannot be longer than 32,000 characters. Try again with a shorter bypass proxy list. BG_E_PROXY_BYPASS_LIST_TOO_LARGE
260x0020001A Some of the temporary files could not be deleted. Check the system event log for the complete list of files that could not be deleted. BG_S_UNABLE_TO_DELETE_FILES
270x8020001B The server's response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. Resume the job, and then Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again. BG_E_INVALID_SERVER_RESPONSE
280x8020001C No more files can be added to this job. BG_E_TOO_MANY_FILES
290x8020001D The local file was changed during the transfer. Recreate the job, and then try to transfer it again. BG_E_LOCAL_FILE_CHANGED
300x8020001E The program on the remote server reported the error. BG_E_ERROR_CONTEXT_REMOTE_APPLICATION
310x8020001F The specified session could not be found on the server. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again. BG_E_SESSION_NOT_FOUND
320x80200020 The job is too large for the server to accept. This job might exceed a job size limit set by the server administrator. Reduce the size of the job, and then try again. BG_E_TOO_LARGE
330x80200021 The specified string is too long. BG_E_STRING_TOO_LONG
340x80200022 The client and server versions of Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) are incompatible. BG_E_CLIENT_SERVER_PROTOCOL_MISMATCH
350x80200023 Scripting OR execute permissions are enabled on the IIS virtual directory associated with the job. To upload files to the virtual directory, disable the scripting and execute permissions on the virtual directory. BG_E_SERVER_EXECUTE_ENABLE
360x80200024 The job is not making headway. The server may be misconfigured. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again later. BG_E_NO_PROGRESS
370x80200025 The user name cannot be longer than 300 characters. Try again with a shorter name. BG_E_USERNAME_TOO_LARGE
380x80200026 The password cannot be longer than 65536 characters. Try again with a shorter password. BG_E_PASSWORD_TOO_LARGE
390x80200027 The authentication target specified in the credentials is not defined. BG_E_INVALID_AUTH_TARGET
400x80200028 The authentication scheme specified in the credentials is not defined. BG_E_INVALID_AUTH_SCHEME
410x80200029 The specified file name does not match any of the files in the job. BG_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND
420x0020002A The proxy server was changed. BG_S_PROXY_CHANGED
430x8020002B The requested byte range extends beyond the end of the web page. Use byte ranges that are wholly within the page. BG_E_INVALID_RANGE
440x8020002C The list of byte ranges contains some overlapping ranges, which are not supported. BG_E_OVERLAPPING_RANGES
450x8020002D A connection could not be established. BG_E_CONNECT_FAILURE
460x8020002E The connection was closed prematurely. BG_E_CONNECTION_CLOSED
620x8020003E Group Policy settings prevent background jobs from running at this time. BG_E_BLOCKED_BY_POLICY
630x8020003F The supplied proxy server or bypass list is invalid. BG_E_INVALID_PROXY_INFO
640x80200040 The format of the supplied security credentials is invalid. BG_E_INVALID_CREDENTIALS
650x80200041 The application chose an unsupported hashing algorithm. BG_E_INVALID_HASH_ALGORITHM
660x80200042 The chosen cache record has been deleted. The attempt to update it has been abandoned. BG_E_RECORD_DELETED
670x80200043 Another application thread is already updating the cache record. BG_E_COMMIT_IN_PROGRESS
680x80200044 The system is already searching for neighbors. Retry the operation after a few seconds. BG_E_DISCOVERY_IN_PROGRESS
690x80200045 A Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) error has occured. Please check your Internet Gateway Device. BG_E_UPNP_ERROR
700x80200046 The test option is blocking the download after the search completed. BG_E_TEST_OPTION_BLOCKED_DOWNLOAD
710x80200047 Peer-caching is disabled. BG_E_PEERCACHING_DISABLED
720x80200048 The cache record is in use and can not be changed or deleted at this time. Try again after a few seconds. BG_E_BUSYCACHERECORD
730x80200049 Job count for the current user has exceeded the per user job limit. BG_E_TOO_MANY_JOBS_PER_USER
800x80200050 Job count for the current machine has exceeded the per machine job limit. BG_E_TOO_MANY_JOBS_PER_MACHINE
810x80200051 File count for the current job has exceeded the per job file limit. BG_E_TOO_MANY_FILES_IN_JOB
820x80200052 Range count for the current file has exceeded the per file Range limit. BG_E_TOO_MANY_RANGES_IN_FILE
830x80200053 The application requested data from a web site, but the response was invalid. Using Event Viewer, check the log 'Application Logs \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Bits-client \ Operational' for more details. BG_E_VALIDATION_FAILED
840x80200054 BITS timed out downloading the job. The download did not complete within the maximum download time set on the job. BG_E_MAXDOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT
850x00200055 The configuration preferences have been saved successfully, but one or more of them are overridden by Group Policy. BG_S_OVERRIDDEN_BY_POLICY
860x80200056 The job is configured to use a different security token for some operations, but the token is not currently available. The application must provide a token and then resume the job. BG_E_TOKEN_REQUIRED
870x80200057 SetProperty() or GetProperty() called with an unknown property ID. BG_E_UNKNOWN_PROPERTY_ID
880x80200058 Unable to call SetProperty() on a read-only property. BG_E_READ_ONLY_PROPERTY
890x80200059 The job's Cost Transfer Policy settings prevent background jobs from running at this time. BG_E_BLOCKED_BY_COST_TRANSFER_POLICY

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