Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x802A0001 The object could not be created. UI_E_CREATE_FAILED
20x802A0002 Shutdown was already called on this object or the object that owns it. UI_E_SHUTDOWN_CALLED
30x802A0003 This method cannot be called during this type of callback. UI_E_ILLEGAL_REENTRANCY
40x802A0004 This object has been sealed, so this change is no longer allowed. UI_E_OBJECT_SEALED
50x802A0005 The requested value was never set. UI_E_VALUE_NOT_SET
60x802A0006 The requested value cannot be determined. UI_E_VALUE_NOT_DETERMINED
70x802A0007 A callback returned an invalid output parameter. UI_E_INVALID_OUTPUT
80x802A0008 A callback returned a success code other than S_OK or S_FALSE. UI_E_BOOLEAN_EXPECTED
90x802A0009 A parameter that should be owned by this object is owned by a different object. UI_E_DIFFERENT_OWNER
100x802A000A More than one item matched the search criteria. UI_E_AMBIGUOUS_MATCH
110x802A000B A floating-point overflow occurred. UI_E_FP_OVERFLOW
120x802A000C This method can only be called from the thread that created the object. UI_E_WRONG_THREAD
2570x802A0101 The storyboard is currently in the schedule. UI_E_STORYBOARD_ACTIVE
2580x802A0102 The storyboard is not playing. UI_E_STORYBOARD_NOT_PLAYING
2590x802A0103 The start keyframe might occur after the end keyframe. UI_E_START_KEYFRAME_AFTER_END
2600x802A0104 It might not be possible to determine the end keyframe time when the start keyframe is reached. UI_E_END_KEYFRAME_NOT_DETERMINED
2610x802A0105 Two repeated portions of a storyboard might overlap. UI_E_LOOPS_OVERLAP
2620x802A0106 The transition has already been added to a storyboard. UI_E_TRANSITION_ALREADY_USED
2630x802A0107 The transition has not been added to a storyboard. UI_E_TRANSITION_NOT_IN_STORYBOARD
2640x802A0108 The transition might eclipse the beginning of another transition in the storyboard. UI_E_TRANSITION_ECLIPSED
2650x802A0109 The given time is earlier than the time passed to the last update. UI_E_TIME_BEFORE_LAST_UPDATE
2660x802A010A This client is already connected to a timer. UI_E_TIMER_CLIENT_ALREADY_CONNECTED
2670x802A010B The passed dimension is invalid or does not match the object's dimension. UI_E_INVALID_DIMENSION
2680x802A010C The added primitive begins at or beyond the duration of the interpolator. UI_E_PRIMITIVE_OUT_OF_BOUNDS

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