Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

2560x80290100 The command buffer is not in the correct state. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_STATE
2570x80290101 The command buffer does not contain enough data to satisfy the request. TPMAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_DATA
2580x80290102 The command buffer cannot contain any more data. TPMAPI_E_TOO_MUCH_DATA
2590x80290103 One or more output parameters was NULL or invalid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_OUTPUT_POINTER
2600x80290104 One or more input parameters is invalid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER
2610x80290105 Not enough memory was available to satisfy the request. TPMAPI_E_OUT_OF_MEMORY
2620x80290106 The specified buffer was too small. TPMAPI_E_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL
2630x80290107 An internal error was detected. TPMAPI_E_INTERNAL_ERROR
2640x80290108 The caller does not have the appropriate rights to perform the requested operation. TPMAPI_E_ACCESS_DENIED
2650x80290109 The specified authorization information was invalid. TPMAPI_E_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED
2660x8029010A The specified context handle was not valid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_CONTEXT_HANDLE
2670x8029010B An error occurred while communicating with the TBS. TPMAPI_E_TBS_COMMUNICATION_ERROR
2680x8029010C The TPM returned an unexpected result. TPMAPI_E_TPM_COMMAND_ERROR
2690x8029010D The message was too large for the encoding scheme. TPMAPI_E_MESSAGE_TOO_LARGE
2700x8029010E The encoding in the blob was not recognized. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_ENCODING
2710x8029010F The key size is not valid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_KEY_SIZE
2720x80290110 The encryption operation failed. TPMAPI_E_ENCRYPTION_FAILED
2730x80290111 The key parameters structure was not valid TPMAPI_E_INVALID_KEY_PARAMS
2740x80290112 The requested supplied data does not appear to be a valid migration authorization blob. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_MIGRATION_AUTHORIZATION_BLOB
2750x80290113 The specified PCR index was invalid TPMAPI_E_INVALID_PCR_INDEX
2760x80290114 The data given does not appear to be a valid delegate blob. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_DELEGATE_BLOB
2770x80290115 One or more of the specified context parameters was not valid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_CONTEXT_PARAMS
2780x80290116 The data given does not appear to be a valid key blob TPMAPI_E_INVALID_KEY_BLOB
2790x80290117 The specified PCR data was invalid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_PCR_DATA
2800x80290118 The format of the owner auth data was invalid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_OWNER_AUTH
2810x80290119 The random number generated did not pass FIPS RNG check. TPMAPI_E_FIPS_RNG_CHECK_FAILED
2820x8029011A The TCG Event Log does not contain any data. TPMAPI_E_EMPTY_TCG_LOG
2830x8029011B An entry in the TCG Event Log was invalid. TPMAPI_E_INVALID_TCG_LOG_ENTRY
2840x8029011C A TCG Separator was not found. TPMAPI_E_TCG_SEPARATOR_ABSENT
2850x8029011D A digest value in a TCG Log entry did not match hashed data. TPMAPI_E_TCG_INVALID_DIGEST_ENTRY
2860x8029011E The requested operation was blocked by current TPM policy. Please contact your system administrator for assistance. TPMAPI_E_POLICY_DENIES_OPERATION
5120x80290200 The specified buffer was too small. TBSIMP_E_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL
5130x80290201 The context could not be cleaned up. TBSIMP_E_CLEANUP_FAILED
5140x80290202 The specified context handle is invalid. TBSIMP_E_INVALID_CONTEXT_HANDLE
5150x80290203 An invalid context parameter was specified. TBSIMP_E_INVALID_CONTEXT_PARAM
5160x80290204 An error occurred while communicating with the TPM TBSIMP_E_TPM_ERROR
5170x80290205 No entry with the specified key was found. TBSIMP_E_HASH_BAD_KEY
5180x80290206 The specified virtual handle matches a virtual handle already in use. TBSIMP_E_DUPLICATE_VHANDLE
5190x80290207 The pointer to the returned handle location was NULL or invalid TBSIMP_E_INVALID_OUTPUT_POINTER
5200x80290208 One or more parameters is invalid TBSIMP_E_INVALID_PARAMETER
5210x80290209 The RPC subsystem could not be initialized. TBSIMP_E_RPC_INIT_FAILED
5220x8029020A The TBS scheduler is not running. TBSIMP_E_SCHEDULER_NOT_RUNNING
5230x8029020B The command was canceled. TBSIMP_E_COMMAND_CANCELED
5240x8029020C There was not enough memory to fulfill the request TBSIMP_E_OUT_OF_MEMORY
5250x8029020D The specified list is empty, or the iteration has reached the end of the list. TBSIMP_E_LIST_NO_MORE_ITEMS
5260x8029020E The specified item was not found in the list. TBSIMP_E_LIST_NOT_FOUND
5270x8029020F The TPM does not have enough space to load the requested resource. TBSIMP_E_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE
5280x80290210 There are too many TPM contexts in use. TBSIMP_E_NOT_ENOUGH_TPM_CONTEXTS
5290x80290211 The TPM command failed. TBSIMP_E_COMMAND_FAILED
5300x80290212 The TBS does not recognize the specified ordinal. TBSIMP_E_UNKNOWN_ORDINAL
5310x80290213 The requested resource is no longer available. TBSIMP_E_RESOURCE_EXPIRED
5320x80290214 The resource type did not match. TBSIMP_E_INVALID_RESOURCE
5330x80290215 No resources can be unloaded. TBSIMP_E_NOTHING_TO_UNLOAD
5340x80290216 No new entries can be added to the hash table. TBSIMP_E_HASH_TABLE_FULL
5350x80290217 A new TBS context could not be created because there are too many open contexts. TBSIMP_E_TOO_MANY_TBS_CONTEXTS
5360x80290218 A new virtual resource could not be created because there are too many open virtual resources. TBSIMP_E_TOO_MANY_RESOURCES
5370x80290219 The physical presence interface is not supported. TBSIMP_E_PPI_NOT_SUPPORTED
5380x8029021A TBS is not compatible with the version of TPM found on the system. TBSIMP_E_TPM_INCOMPATIBLE
5390x8029021B No TCG event log is available. TBSIMP_E_NO_EVENT_LOG
7680x80290300 A general error was detected when attempting to acquire the BIOS's response to a Physical Presence command. TPM_E_PPI_ACPI_FAILURE
7690x80290301 The user failed to confirm the TPM operation request. TPM_E_PPI_USER_ABORT
7700x80290302 The BIOS failure prevented the successful execution of the requested TPM operation (e.g. invalid TPM operation request, BIOS communication error with the TPM). TPM_E_PPI_BIOS_FAILURE
7710x80290303 The BIOS does not support the physical presence interface. TPM_E_PPI_NOT_SUPPORTED
7720x80290304 The Physical Presence command was blocked by current BIOS settings. The system owner may be able to reconfigure the BIOS settings to allow the command. TPM_E_PPI_BLOCKED_IN_BIOS
10240x80290400 This is an error mask to convert Platform Crypto Provider errors to win errors. TPM_E_PCP_ERROR_MASK
10250x80290401 The Platform Crypto Device is currently not ready. It needs to be fully provisioned to be operational. TPM_E_PCP_DEVICE_NOT_READY
10260x80290402 The handle provided to the Platform Crypto Provider is invalid. TPM_E_PCP_INVALID_HANDLE
10270x80290403 A parameter provided to the Platform Crypto Provider is invalid. TPM_E_PCP_INVALID_PARAMETER
10280x80290404 A provided flag to the Platform Crypto Provider is not supported. TPM_E_PCP_FLAG_NOT_SUPPORTED
10290x80290405 The requested operation is not supported by this Platform Crypto Provider. TPM_E_PCP_NOT_SUPPORTED
10300x80290406 The buffer is too small to contain all data. No information has been written to the buffer. TPM_E_PCP_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL
10310x80290407 An unexpected internal error has occured in the Platform Crypto Provider. TPM_E_PCP_INTERNAL_ERROR
10320x80290408 The authorization to use a provider object has failed. TPM_E_PCP_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED
10330x80290409 The Platform Crypto Device has ignored the authorization for the provider object, to mitigate against a dictionary attack. TPM_E_PCP_AUTHENTICATION_IGNORED
10340x8029040A The referenced policy was not found. TPM_E_PCP_POLICY_NOT_FOUND
10350x8029040B The referenced profile was not found. TPM_E_PCP_PROFILE_NOT_FOUND
10360x8029040C The validation was not succesful. TPM_E_PCP_VALIDATION_FAILED

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