Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

20x80300002 Data Collector Set was not found. PLA_E_DCS_NOT_FOUND
690x80300045 Unable to start Data Collector Set because there are too many folders. PLA_E_TOO_MANY_FOLDERS
1120x80300070 Not enough free disk space to start Data Collector Set. PLA_E_NO_MIN_DISK
1700x803000AA The Data Collector Set or one of its dependencies is already in use. PLA_E_DCS_IN_USE
1830x803000B7 Data Collector Set already exists. PLA_E_DCS_ALREADY_EXISTS
2560x00300100 Property value will be ignored. PLA_S_PROPERTY_IGNORED
2570x80300101 Property value conflict. PLA_E_PROPERTY_CONFLICT
2580x80300102 The current configuration for this Data Collector Set requires that it contain exactly one Data Collector. PLA_E_DCS_SINGLETON_REQUIRED
2590x80300103 A user account is required in order to commit the current Data Collector Set properties. PLA_E_CREDENTIALS_REQUIRED
2600x80300104 Data Collector Set is not running. PLA_E_DCS_NOT_RUNNING
2610x80300105 A conflict was detected in the list of include/exclude APIs. Do not specify the same API in both the include list and the exclude list. PLA_E_CONFLICT_INCL_EXCL_API
2620x80300106 The executable path you have specified refers to a network share or UNC path. PLA_E_NETWORK_EXE_NOT_VALID
2630x80300107 The executable path you have specified is already configured for API tracing. PLA_E_EXE_ALREADY_CONFIGURED
2640x80300108 The executable path you have specified does not exist. Verify that the specified path is correct. PLA_E_EXE_PATH_NOT_VALID
2650x80300109 Data Collector already exists. PLA_E_DC_ALREADY_EXISTS
2660x8030010A The wait for the Data Collector Set start notification has timed out. PLA_E_DCS_START_WAIT_TIMEOUT
2670x8030010B The wait for the Data Collector to start has timed out. PLA_E_DC_START_WAIT_TIMEOUT
2680x8030010C The wait for the report generation tool to finish has timed out. PLA_E_REPORT_WAIT_TIMEOUT
2690x8030010D Duplicate items are not allowed. PLA_E_NO_DUPLICATES
2700x8030010E When specifying the executable that you want to trace, you must specify a full path to the executable and not just a filename. PLA_E_EXE_FULL_PATH_REQUIRED
2710x8030010F The session name provided is invalid. PLA_E_INVALID_SESSION_NAME
2720x80300110 The Event Log channel Microsoft-Windows-Diagnosis-PLA/Operational must be enabled to perform this operation. PLA_E_PLA_CHANNEL_NOT_ENABLED
2730x80300111 The Event Log channel Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler must be enabled to perform this operation. PLA_E_TASKSCHED_CHANNEL_NOT_ENABLED
2740x80300112 The execution of the Rules Manager failed. PLA_E_RULES_MANAGER_FAILED
2750x80300113 An error occurred while attempting to compress or extract the data. PLA_E_CABAPI_FAILURE

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