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This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

00x80280000 This is an error mask to convert TPM hardware errors to win errors. TPM_E_ERROR_MASK
10x80280001 Authentication failed. TPM_E_AUTHFAIL
20x80280002 The index to a PCR, DIR or other register is incorrect. TPM_E_BADINDEX
30x80280003 One or more parameter is bad. TPM_E_BAD_PARAMETER
40x80280004 An operation completed successfully but the auditing of that operation failed. TPM_E_AUDITFAILURE
50x80280005 The clear disable flag is set and all clear operations now require physical access. TPM_E_CLEAR_DISABLED
60x80280006 Activate the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TPM_E_DEACTIVATED
70x80280007 Enable the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TPM_E_DISABLED
80x80280008 The target command has been disabled. TPM_E_DISABLED_CMD
90x80280009 The operation failed. TPM_E_FAIL
100x8028000A The ordinal was unknown or inconsistent. TPM_E_BAD_ORDINAL
110x8028000B The ability to install an owner is disabled. TPM_E_INSTALL_DISABLED
120x8028000C The key handle cannot be interpreted. TPM_E_INVALID_KEYHANDLE
130x8028000D The key handle points to an invalid key. TPM_E_KEYNOTFOUND
140x8028000E Unacceptable encryption scheme. TPM_E_INAPPROPRIATE_ENC
150x8028000F Migration authorization failed. TPM_E_MIGRATEFAIL
160x80280010 PCR information could not be interpreted. TPM_E_INVALID_PCR_INFO
170x80280011 No room to load key. TPM_E_NOSPACE
180x80280012 There is no Storage Root Key (SRK) set. TPM_E_NOSRK
190x80280013 An encrypted blob is invalid or was not created by this TPM. TPM_E_NOTSEALED_BLOB
200x80280014 The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) already has an owner. TPM_E_OWNER_SET
210x80280015 The TPM has insufficient internal resources to perform the requested action. TPM_E_RESOURCES
220x80280016 A random string was too short. TPM_E_SHORTRANDOM
230x80280017 The TPM does not have the space to perform the operation. TPM_E_SIZE
240x80280018 The named PCR value does not match the current PCR value. TPM_E_WRONGPCRVAL
250x80280019 The paramSize argument to the command has the incorrect value . TPM_E_BAD_PARAM_SIZE
260x8028001A There is no existing SHA-1 thread. TPM_E_SHA_THREAD
270x8028001B The calculation is unable to proceed because the existing SHA-1 thread has already encountered an error. TPM_E_SHA_ERROR
280x8028001C The TPM hardware device reported a failure during its internal self test. Try restarting the computer to resolve the problem. If the problem continues, you might need to replace your TPM hardware or motherboard. TPM_E_FAILEDSELFTEST
290x8028001D The authorization for the second key in a 2 key function failed authorization. TPM_E_AUTH2FAIL
300x8028001E The tag value sent to for a command is invalid. TPM_E_BADTAG
310x8028001F An IO error occurred transmitting information to the TPM. TPM_E_IOERROR
320x80280020 The encryption process had a problem. TPM_E_ENCRYPT_ERROR
330x80280021 The decryption process did not complete. TPM_E_DECRYPT_ERROR
340x80280022 An invalid handle was used. TPM_E_INVALID_AUTHHANDLE
350x80280023 The TPM does not have an Endorsement Key (EK) installed. TPM_E_NO_ENDORSEMENT
360x80280024 The usage of a key is not allowed. TPM_E_INVALID_KEYUSAGE
370x80280025 The submitted entity type is not allowed. TPM_E_WRONG_ENTITYTYPE
380x80280026 The command was received in the wrong sequence relative to TPM_Init and a subsequent TPM_Startup. TPM_E_INVALID_POSTINIT
390x80280027 Signed data cannot include additional DER information. TPM_E_INAPPROPRIATE_SIG
400x80280028 The key properties in TPM_KEY_PARMs are not supported by this TPM. TPM_E_BAD_KEY_PROPERTY
410x80280029 The migration properties of this key are incorrect. TPM_E_BAD_MIGRATION
420x8028002A The signature or encryption scheme for this key is incorrect or not permitted in this situation. TPM_E_BAD_SCHEME
430x8028002B The size of the data (or blob) parameter is bad or inconsistent with the referenced key. TPM_E_BAD_DATASIZE
440x8028002C A mode parameter is bad, such as capArea or subCapArea for TPM_GetCapability, phsicalPresence parameter for TPM_PhysicalPresence, or migrationType for TPM_CreateMigrationBlob. TPM_E_BAD_MODE
450x8028002D Either the physicalPresence or physicalPresenceLock bits have the wrong value. TPM_E_BAD_PRESENCE
460x8028002E The TPM cannot perform this version of the capability. TPM_E_BAD_VERSION
470x8028002F The TPM does not allow for wrapped transport sessions. TPM_E_NO_WRAP_TRANSPORT
480x80280030 TPM audit construction failed and the underlying command was returning a failure code also. TPM_E_AUDITFAIL_UNSUCCESSFUL
490x80280031 TPM audit construction failed and the underlying command was returning success. TPM_E_AUDITFAIL_SUCCESSFUL
500x80280032 Attempt to reset a PCR register that does not have the resettable attribute. TPM_E_NOTRESETABLE
510x80280033 Attempt to reset a PCR register that requires locality and locality modifier not part of command transport. TPM_E_NOTLOCAL
520x80280034 Make identity blob not properly typed. TPM_E_BAD_TYPE
530x80280035 When saving context identified resource type does not match actual resource. TPM_E_INVALID_RESOURCE
540x80280036 The TPM is attempting to execute a command only available when in FIPS mode. TPM_E_NOTFIPS
550x80280037 The command is attempting to use an invalid family ID. TPM_E_INVALID_FAMILY
560x80280038 The permission to manipulate the NV storage is not available. TPM_E_NO_NV_PERMISSION
570x80280039 The operation requires a signed command. TPM_E_REQUIRES_SIGN
580x8028003A Wrong operation to load an NV key. TPM_E_KEY_NOTSUPPORTED
590x8028003B NV_LoadKey blob requires both owner and blob authorization. TPM_E_AUTH_CONFLICT
600x8028003C The NV area is locked and not writtable. TPM_E_AREA_LOCKED
610x8028003D The locality is incorrect for the attempted operation. TPM_E_BAD_LOCALITY
620x8028003E The NV area is read only and can't be written to. TPM_E_READ_ONLY
630x8028003F There is no protection on the write to the NV area. TPM_E_PER_NOWRITE
640x80280040 The family count value does not match. TPM_E_FAMILYCOUNT
650x80280041 The NV area has already been written to. TPM_E_WRITE_LOCKED
660x80280042 The NV area attributes conflict. TPM_E_BAD_ATTRIBUTES
670x80280043 The structure tag and version are invalid or inconsistent. TPM_E_INVALID_STRUCTURE
680x80280044 The key is under control of the TPM Owner and can only be evicted by the TPM Owner. TPM_E_KEY_OWNER_CONTROL
690x80280045 The counter handle is incorrect. TPM_E_BAD_COUNTER
700x80280046 The write is not a complete write of the area. TPM_E_NOT_FULLWRITE
710x80280047 The gap between saved context counts is too large. TPM_E_CONTEXT_GAP
720x80280048 The maximum number of NV writes without an owner has been exceeded. TPM_E_MAXNVWRITES
730x80280049 No operator AuthData value is set. TPM_E_NOOPERATOR
740x8028004A The resource pointed to by context is not loaded. TPM_E_RESOURCEMISSING
750x8028004B The delegate administration is locked. TPM_E_DELEGATE_LOCK
760x8028004C Attempt to manage a family other then the delegated family. TPM_E_DELEGATE_FAMILY
770x8028004D Delegation table management not enabled. TPM_E_DELEGATE_ADMIN
780x8028004E There was a command executed outside of an exclusive transport session. TPM_E_TRANSPORT_NOTEXCLUSIVE
790x8028004F Attempt to context save a owner evict controlled key. TPM_E_OWNER_CONTROL
800x80280050 The DAA command has no resources availble to execute the command. TPM_E_DAA_RESOURCES
810x80280051 The consistency check on DAA parameter inputData0 has failed. TPM_E_DAA_INPUT_DATA0
820x80280052 The consistency check on DAA parameter inputData1 has failed. TPM_E_DAA_INPUT_DATA1
830x80280053 The consistency check on DAA_issuerSettings has failed. TPM_E_DAA_ISSUER_SETTINGS
840x80280054 The consistency check on DAA_tpmSpecific has failed. TPM_E_DAA_TPM_SETTINGS
850x80280055 The atomic process indicated by the submitted DAA command is not the expected process. TPM_E_DAA_STAGE
860x80280056 The issuer's validity check has detected an inconsistency. TPM_E_DAA_ISSUER_VALIDITY
870x80280057 The consistency check on w has failed. TPM_E_DAA_WRONG_W
880x80280058 The handle is incorrect. TPM_E_BAD_HANDLE
890x80280059 Delegation is not correct. TPM_E_BAD_DELEGATE
900x8028005A The context blob is invalid. TPM_E_BADCONTEXT
910x8028005B Too many contexts held by the TPM. TPM_E_TOOMANYCONTEXTS
920x8028005C Migration authority signature validation failure. TPM_E_MA_TICKET_SIGNATURE
930x8028005D Migration destination not authenticated. TPM_E_MA_DESTINATION
940x8028005E Migration source incorrect. TPM_E_MA_SOURCE
950x8028005F Incorrect migration authority. TPM_E_MA_AUTHORITY
970x80280061 Attempt to revoke the EK and the EK is not revocable. TPM_E_PERMANENTEK
980x80280062 Bad signature of CMK ticket. TPM_E_BAD_SIGNATURE
990x80280063 There is no room in the context list for additional contexts. TPM_E_NOCONTEXTSPACE
10240x80280400 The command was blocked. TPM_E_COMMAND_BLOCKED
10250x80280401 The specified handle was not found. TPM_E_INVALID_HANDLE
10260x80280402 The TPM returned a duplicate handle and the command needs to be resubmitted. TPM_E_DUPLICATE_VHANDLE
10270x80280403 The command within the transport was blocked. TPM_E_EMBEDDED_COMMAND_BLOCKED
10280x80280404 The command within the transport is not supported. TPM_E_EMBEDDED_COMMAND_UNSUPPORTED
20480x80280800 The TPM is too busy to respond to the command immediately, but the command could be resubmitted at a later time. TPM_E_RETRY
20490x80280801 SelfTestFull has not been run. TPM_E_NEEDS_SELFTEST
20500x80280802 The TPM is currently executing a full selftest. TPM_E_DOING_SELFTEST
20510x80280803 The TPM is defending against dictionary attacks and is in a time-out period. TPM_E_DEFEND_LOCK_RUNNING
163850x80284001 An internal software error has been detected. TBS_E_INTERNAL_ERROR
163860x80284002 One or more input parameters is bad. TBS_E_BAD_PARAMETER
163870x80284003 A specified output pointer is bad. TBS_E_INVALID_OUTPUT_POINTER
163880x80284004 The specified context handle does not refer to a valid context. TBS_E_INVALID_CONTEXT
163890x80284005 A specified output buffer is too small. TBS_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER
163900x80284006 An error occurred while communicating with the TPM. TBS_E_IOERROR
163910x80284007 One or more context parameters is invalid. TBS_E_INVALID_CONTEXT_PARAM
163920x80284008 The TBS service is not running and could not be started. TBS_E_SERVICE_NOT_RUNNING
163930x80284009 A new context could not be created because there are too many open contexts. TBS_E_TOO_MANY_TBS_CONTEXTS
163940x8028400A A new virtual resource could not be created because there are too many open virtual resources. TBS_E_TOO_MANY_RESOURCES
163950x8028400B The TBS service has been started but is not yet running. TBS_E_SERVICE_START_PENDING
163960x8028400C The physical presence interface is not supported. TBS_E_PPI_NOT_SUPPORTED
163970x8028400D The command was canceled. TBS_E_COMMAND_CANCELED
163980x8028400E The input or output buffer is too large. TBS_E_BUFFER_TOO_LARGE
163990x8028400F A compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Device cannot be found on this computer. TBS_E_TPM_NOT_FOUND
164000x80284010 The TBS service has been disabled. TBS_E_SERVICE_DISABLED
164010x80284011 No TCG event log is available. TBS_E_NO_EVENT_LOG
164020x80284012 The caller does not have the appropriate rights to perform the requested operation. TBS_E_ACCESS_DENIED
164030x80284013 The TPM provisioning action is not allowed by the specified flags. For provisioning to be successful, one of several actions may be required. The TPM management console (Start->tpm.msc) action to make the TPM Ready may help. For further information, see the documentation for the Win32_Tpm WMI method 'Provision'. (The actions that may be required include importing the TPM Owner Authorization value into the system, calling the Win32_Tpm WMI method for provisioning the TPM and specifying TRUE for either 'ForceClear_Allowed' or 'PhysicalPresencePrompts_Allowed' (as indicated by the value returned in the Additional Information), or enabling the TPM in the system BIOS.) TBS_E_PROVISIONING_NOT_ALLOWED
164040x80284014 The Physical Presence Interface of this firmware does not support the requested method. TBS_E_PPI_FUNCTION_UNSUPPORTED
164050x80284015 The requested TPM OwnerAuth value was not found. TBS_E_OWNERAUTH_NOT_FOUND
164060x80284016 The TPM provisioning did not complete. For more information on completing the provisioning, call the Win32_Tpm WMI method for provisioning the TPM ('Provision') and check the returned Information. TBS_E_PROVISIONING_INCOMPLETE

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