Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

00x80270000 User wants to canceled entire job COPYENGINE_E_USER_CANCELLED
10x80270001 Engine wants to canceled entire job, don't set the CANCELLED bit COPYENGINE_E_CANCELLED
10x00270001 COPYENGINE_S_YES
10x80270001 The NAP SoH packet is invalid. NAP_E_INVALID_PACKET
20x80270002 Need to elevate the process to complete the operation COPYENGINE_E_REQUIRES_ELEVATION
20x80270002 An SoH was missing from the NAP packet. NAP_E_MISSING_SOH
30x80270003 Source and destination file are the same COPYENGINE_E_SAME_FILE
30x80270003 The entity ID conflicts with an already registered id. NAP_E_CONFLICTING_ID
40x80270004 Trying to rename a file into a different location, use move instead COPYENGINE_E_DIFF_DIR
40x80270004 No cached SoH is present. NAP_E_NO_CACHED_SOH
50x80270005 One source specified, multiple destinations COPYENGINE_E_MANY_SRC_1_DEST
50x80270005 The entity is still bound to the NAP system. NAP_E_STILL_BOUND
60x80270006 The entity is not registered with the NAP system. NAP_E_NOT_REGISTERED
70x80270007 The entity is not initialized with the NAP system. NAP_E_NOT_INITIALIZED
80x80270008 The correlation id in the SoH-Request and SoH-Response do not match up. NAP_E_MISMATCHED_ID
90x80270009 The destination is a sub-tree of the source COPYENGINE_E_DEST_SUBTREE
90x80270009 Completion was indicated on a request that is not currently pending. NAP_E_NOT_PENDING
100x8027000A The destination is the same folder as the source COPYENGINE_E_DEST_SAME_TREE
100x8027000A The NAP component's id was not found. NAP_E_ID_NOT_FOUND
110x8027000B Existing destination file with same name as folder COPYENGINE_E_FLD_IS_FILE_DEST
110x8027000B The maximum size of the connection is too small for an SoH packet. NAP_E_MAXSIZE_TOO_SMALL
120x8027000C Existing destination folder with same name as file COPYENGINE_E_FILE_IS_FLD_DEST
120x8027000C The NapAgent service is not running. NAP_E_SERVICE_NOT_RUNNING
130x8027000D File too large for destination file system COPYENGINE_E_FILE_TOO_LARGE
130x0027000D Close the program using the current file COPYENGINE_S_CLOSE_PROGRAM
130x0027000D A certificate is already present in the cert store. NAP_S_CERT_ALREADY_PRESENT
140x8027000E Destination device is full and happens to be removable COPYENGINE_E_REMOVABLE_FULL
140x0027000E Returned by a transfer source when a collision occurs COPYENGINE_S_COLLISIONRESOLVED
140x8027000E The entity is disabled with the NapAgent service. NAP_E_ENTITY_DISABLED
150x8027000F Destination is a Read-Only CDRom, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_DEST_IS_RO_CD
150x8027000F Group Policy is not configured. NAP_E_NETSH_GROUPPOLICY_ERROR
160x80270010 Destination is a Read/Write CDRom, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_DEST_IS_RW_CD
160x80270010 Too many simultaneous calls. NAP_E_TOO_MANY_CALLS
170x80270011 Destination is a Recordable (AudioL) CDRom, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_DEST_IS_R_CD
170x80270011 SHV configuration already existed. NAP_E_SHV_CONFIG_EXISTED
180x80270012 Destination is a Read-Only DVD, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_DEST_IS_RO_DVD
180x80270012 SHV configuration is not found. NAP_E_SHV_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND
190x80270013 Destination is a Read/Wrote DVD, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_DEST_IS_RW_DVD
190x80270013 SHV timed out on the request. NAP_E_SHV_TIMEOUT
200x80270014 Destination is a Recordable (AudioL) DVD, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_DEST_IS_R_DVD
210x80270015 Source is a Read-Only CDRom, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_SRC_IS_RO_CD
220x80270016 Source is a Read/Write CDRom, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_SRC_IS_RW_CD
230x80270017 Source is a Recordable (AudioL) CDRom, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_SRC_IS_R_CD
240x80270018 Source is a Read-Only DVD, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_SRC_IS_RO_DVD
250x80270019 Source is a Read/Wrote DVD, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_SRC_IS_RW_DVD
260x8027001A Source is a Recordable (AudioL) DVD, possibly unformatted COPYENGINE_E_SRC_IS_R_DVD
270x8027001B Invalid source path COPYENGINE_E_INVALID_FILES_SRC
280x8027001C Invalid destination path COPYENGINE_E_INVALID_FILES_DEST
290x8027001D Source Files within folders where the overall path is longer than MAX_PATH COPYENGINE_E_PATH_TOO_DEEP_SRC
300x8027001E Destination files would be within folders where the overall path is longer than MAX_PATH COPYENGINE_E_PATH_TOO_DEEP_DEST
310x8027001F Source is a root directory, cannot be moved or renamed COPYENGINE_E_ROOT_DIR_SRC
320x80270020 Destination is a root directory, cannot be renamed COPYENGINE_E_ROOT_DIR_DEST
330x80270021 Security problem on source COPYENGINE_E_ACCESS_DENIED_SRC
340x80270022 Security problem on destination COPYENGINE_E_ACCESS_DENIED_DEST
350x80270023 Source file does not exist, or is unavailable COPYENGINE_E_PATH_NOT_FOUND_SRC
360x80270024 Destination file does not exist, or is unavailable COPYENGINE_E_PATH_NOT_FOUND_DEST
370x80270025 Source file is on a disconnected network location COPYENGINE_E_NET_DISCONNECT_SRC
380x80270026 Destination file is on a disconnected network location COPYENGINE_E_NET_DISCONNECT_DEST
390x80270027 Sharing Violation on source COPYENGINE_E_SHARING_VIOLATION_SRC
400x80270028 Sharing Violation on destination COPYENGINE_E_SHARING_VIOLATION_DEST
410x80270029 Destination exists, cannot replace COPYENGINE_E_ALREADY_EXISTS_NORMAL
420x8027002A Destination with read-only attribute exists, cannot replace COPYENGINE_E_ALREADY_EXISTS_READONLY
430x8027002B Destination with system attribute exists, cannot replace COPYENGINE_E_ALREADY_EXISTS_SYSTEM
440x8027002C Destination folder exists, cannot replace COPYENGINE_E_ALREADY_EXISTS_FOLDER
450x8027002D Secondary Stream information would be lost COPYENGINE_E_STREAM_LOSS
460x8027002E Extended Attributes would be lost COPYENGINE_E_EA_LOSS
470x8027002F Property would be lost COPYENGINE_E_PROPERTY_LOSS
480x80270030 Properties would be lost COPYENGINE_E_PROPERTIES_LOSS
490x80270031 Encryption would be lost COPYENGINE_E_ENCRYPTION_LOSS
500x80270032 Entire operation likely won't fit COPYENGINE_E_DISK_FULL
510x80270033 Entire operation likely won't fit, clean-up wizard available COPYENGINE_E_DISK_FULL_CLEAN
520x80270034 Volume does not support Extended Attributes COPYENGINE_E_EA_NOT_SUPPORTED
530x80270035 Can't reach source folder COPYENGINE_E_CANT_REACH_SOURCE
540x80270036 Recycling not available (usually turned offL) COPYENGINE_E_RECYCLE_FORCE_NUKE
550x80270037 Item is too large for the recycle-bin COPYENGINE_E_RECYCLE_SIZE_TOO_BIG
560x80270038 Folder is too deep to fit in the recycle-bin COPYENGINE_E_RECYCLE_PATH_TOO_LONG
580x8027003A Recycle bin could not be found or is unavailable COPYENGINE_E_RECYCLE_BIN_NOT_FOUND
590x8027003B Name of the new file being created is too long COPYENGINE_E_NEWFILE_NAME_TOO_LONG
600x8027003C Name of the new folder being created is too long COPYENGINE_E_NEWFOLDER_NAME_TOO_LONG
610x8027003D The directory being processed is not empty COPYENGINE_E_DIR_NOT_EMPTY
620x8027003E A Fat drive cannot only store and rename a limited number of items on the root. COPYENGINE_E_FAT_MAX_IN_ROOT
630x8027003F The item cannot be modified because it is set to readonly. COPYENGINE_E_ACCESSDENIED_READONLY
640x80270040 The server redirected the download request to a web page. COPYENGINE_E_REDIRECTED_TO_WEBPAGE
650x80270041 The server returned data with an unexpected MIME type or extension. COPYENGINE_E_SERVER_BAD_FILE_TYPE
2560x80270100 The item requested is in the negative net parsing cache NETCACHE_E_NEGATIVE_CACHE
2570x80270101 for returned by command delegates to indicate that they did no work EXECUTE_E_LAUNCH_APPLICATION
2580x80270102 returned when trying to create a thumbnail extractor at too low a bitdepth for high fidelity SHELL_E_WRONG_BITDEPTH
2590x80270103 returned from IShellLink::Resolve when SLR_OFFER_DELETE_WITHOUT_FILE is passed and the user requested to delete the item LINK_E_DELETE
2600x80270104 returned from IAppItemsStateModify to indicate a commit failed because there is newer version already available STORE_E_NEWER_VERSION_AVAILABLE
5440x80270220 Returned when the number of items persisted for future access has reached the limit. FA_E_MAX_PERSISTED_ITEMS_REACHED
5450x80270221 Returned when an operation is attempted on a deleted file. FA_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND
5460x80270222 Returned when access to the homegroup KnownLocation is attempted and it is not setup or available. FA_E_HOMEGROUP_NOT_AVAILABLE
5620x80270232 This tailored application can't start because the screen resolution is below 1024x768. Choose a higher screen resolution and then try again. E_TAILORED_MONITOR_RESOLUTION_TOO_LOW
5630x80270233 An immersive shell component failed to start correctly IMSC_E_SHELL_COMPONENT_STARTUP_FAILURE
5770x80270241 E_SHARE_SOURCE_DRMED

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