Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

00x80220000 Unspecified internal error in the state engine. WCM_E_INTERNALERROR
10x80220001 State node is not found. WCM_E_STATENODENOTFOUND
20x80220002 State node is not allowed. WCM_E_STATENODENOTALLOWED
30x80220003 Attribute is not found. WCM_E_ATTRIBUTENOTFOUND
40x80220004 Attribute is not allowed. WCM_E_ATTRIBUTENOTALLOWED
50x80220005 Valie is invalid. WCM_E_INVALIDVALUE
60x80220006 Value is in invalid format. WCM_E_INVALIDVALUEFORMAT
70x80220007 XSD type is missing in metadata. WCM_E_TYPENOTSPECIFIED
80x80220008 Data type is unexpected, or existing data does not match the type. WCM_E_INVALIDDATATYPE
90x80220009 Enumerator is not positioned. WCM_E_NOTPOSITIONED
100x8022000A Cannot update a read-only setting or attribute. WCM_E_READONLYITEM
110x8022000B Name or path of a state node is in invalid format. WCM_E_INVALIDPATH
120x8022000C Wrong XML escape sequence in string. WCM_E_WRONGESCAPESTRING
130x8022000D Invalid version format. WCM_E_INVALIDVERSIONFORMAT
140x8022000E Invalid language string format. WCM_E_INVALIDLANGUAGEFORMAT
150x8022000F Not allowed to change value in a key member. WCM_E_KEYNOTCHANGEABLE
160x80220010 Expression is not defined. WCM_E_EXPRESSIONNOTFOUND
170x80220011 Substitution is not defined. WCM_E_SUBSTITUTIONNOTFOUND
180x80220012 User is already registered. WCM_E_USERALREADYREGISTERED
190x80220013 User is not registered. WCM_E_USERNOTFOUND
200x80220014 Namespace is not registered. WCM_E_NAMESPACENOTFOUND
210x80220015 Namespace is already registered. WCM_E_NAMESPACEALREADYREGISTERED
220x80220016 State store is in corrupted state. WCM_E_STORECORRUPTED
230x80220017 Expression format is invalid. WCM_E_INVALIDEXPRESSIONSYNTAX
240x80220018 No matching Notification found. WCM_E_NOTIFICATIONNOTFOUND
250x80220019 New restriction is conflicting with existing restriction. WCM_E_CONFLICTINGASSERTION
260x8022001A Assertion Validation failed. WCM_E_ASSERTIONFAILED
270x8022001B Name already exists. WCM_E_DUPLICATENAME
280x8022001C Member referenced by the key does not match the complexType definition. WCM_E_INVALIDKEY
290x8022001D Tried to load invalid data from stream. WCM_E_INVALIDSTREAM
300x8022001E Handler is not defined. WCM_E_HANDLERNOTFOUND
310x8022001F Handler attribute is of invalid syntax. WCM_E_INVALIDHANDLERSYNTAX
320x80220020 Validation of metadata failed. WCM_E_VALIDATIONFAILED
330x80220021 Invalid setting value on restriction. WCM_E_RESTRICTIONFAILED
340x80220022 XSD/XML Manifest compilation failed. WCM_E_MANIFESTCOMPILATIONFAILED
350x80220023 Cyclic reference detected. WCM_E_CYCLICREFERENCE
360x80220024 Assertions using shared and per-user settings are not supported WCM_E_MIXTYPEASSERTION
370x80220025 Not supported function is found WCM_E_NOTSUPPORTEDFUNCTION
380x80220026 A value is too big to process WCM_E_VALUETOOBIG
390x80220027 Invalid attribute combination WCM_E_INVALIDATTRIBUTECOMBINATION
400x80220028 Current operation should be aborted WCM_E_ABORTOPERATION
410x80220029 CONFIGURATION and or related tags are missing WCM_E_MISSINGCONFIGURATION
420x8022002A The processor architecture attribute has an invalid value WCM_E_INVALIDPROCESSORFORMAT
430x8022002B The source manifest has empty value WCM_E_SOURCEMANEMPTYVALUE
40960x00221000 Unspecified internal warning in the state engine. WCM_S_INTERNALERROR
40970x00221001 Attribute not found WCM_S_ATTRIBUTENOTFOUND
40980x00221002 Legacy setting usage for this case may have unpredictable results WCM_S_LEGACYSETTINGWARNING
40990x80221003 Unknown value WCM_E_UNKNOWNRESULT
41000x00221004 Invalid attribute combination WCM_S_INVALIDATTRIBUTECOMBINATION
41010x00221005 Attribute is not allowed. WCM_S_ATTRIBUTENOTALLOWED
41020x00221006 Attribute is not allowed. WCM_S_NAMESPACENOTFOUND

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