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This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x80010001 Call was rejected by callee. RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED
20x80010002 Call was canceled by the message filter. RPC_E_CALL_CANCELED
30x80010003 The caller is dispatching an intertask SendMessage call and cannot call out via PostMessage. RPC_E_CANTPOST_INSENDCALL
40x80010004 The caller is dispatching an asynchronous call and cannot make an outgoing call on behalf of this call. RPC_E_CANTCALLOUT_INASYNCCALL
50x80010005 It is illegal to call out while inside message filter. RPC_E_CANTCALLOUT_INEXTERNALCALL
60x80010006 The connection terminated or is in a bogus state and cannot be used any more. Other connections are still valid. RPC_E_CONNECTION_TERMINATED
70x80010007 The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed. RPC_E_SERVER_DIED
80x80010008 The caller (client) disappeared while the callee (server) was processing a call. RPC_E_CLIENT_DIED
90x80010009 The data packet with the marshalled parameter data is incorrect. RPC_E_INVALID_DATAPACKET
100x8001000A The call was not transmitted properly; the message queue was full and was not emptied after yielding. RPC_E_CANTTRANSMIT_CALL
110x8001000B The client (caller) cannot marshall the parameter data - low memory, etc. RPC_E_CLIENT_CANTMARSHAL_DATA
120x8001000C The client (caller) cannot unmarshall the return data - low memory, etc. RPC_E_CLIENT_CANTUNMARSHAL_DATA
130x8001000D The server (callee) cannot marshall the return data - low memory, etc. RPC_E_SERVER_CANTMARSHAL_DATA
140x8001000E The server (callee) cannot unmarshall the parameter data - low memory, etc. RPC_E_SERVER_CANTUNMARSHAL_DATA
150x8001000F Received data is invalid; could be server or client data. RPC_E_INVALID_DATA
160x80010010 A particular parameter is invalid and cannot be (un)marshalled. RPC_E_INVALID_PARAMETER
170x80010011 There is no second outgoing call on same channel in DDE conversation. RPC_E_CANTCALLOUT_AGAIN
180x80010012 The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call did not execute. RPC_E_SERVER_DIED_DNE
2560x80010100 System call failed. RPC_E_SYS_CALL_FAILED
2570x80010101 Could not allocate some required resource (memory, events, ...) RPC_E_OUT_OF_RESOURCES
2580x80010102 Attempted to make calls on more than one thread in single threaded mode. RPC_E_ATTEMPTED_MULTITHREAD
2590x80010103 The requested interface is not registered on the server object. RPC_E_NOT_REGISTERED
2600x80010104 RPC could not call the server or could not return the results of calling the server. RPC_E_FAULT
2610x80010105 The server threw an exception. RPC_E_SERVERFAULT
2620x80010106 Cannot change thread mode after it is set. RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE
2630x80010107 The method called does not exist on the server. RPC_E_INVALIDMETHOD
2640x80010108 The object invoked has disconnected from its clients. RPC_E_DISCONNECTED
2650x80010109 The object invoked chose not to process the call now. Try again later. RPC_E_RETRY
2660x8001010A The message filter indicated that the application is busy. RPC_E_SERVERCALL_RETRYLATER
2670x8001010B The message filter rejected the call. RPC_E_SERVERCALL_REJECTED
2680x8001010C A call control interfaces was called with invalid data. RPC_E_INVALID_CALLDATA
2690x8001010D An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call. RPC_E_CANTCALLOUT_ININPUTSYNCCALL
2700x8001010E The application called an interface that was marshalled for a different thread. RPC_E_WRONG_THREAD
2710x8001010F CoInitialize has not been called on the current thread. RPC_E_THREAD_NOT_INIT
2720x80010110 The version of OLE on the client and server machines does not match. RPC_E_VERSION_MISMATCH
2730x80010111 OLE received a packet with an invalid header. RPC_E_INVALID_HEADER
2740x80010112 OLE received a packet with an invalid extension. RPC_E_INVALID_EXTENSION
2750x80010113 The requested object or interface does not exist. RPC_E_INVALID_IPID
2760x80010114 The requested object does not exist. RPC_E_INVALID_OBJECT
2770x80010115 OLE has sent a request and is waiting for a reply. RPC_S_CALLPENDING
2780x80010116 OLE is waiting before retrying a request. RPC_S_WAITONTIMER
2790x80010117 Call context cannot be accessed after call completed. RPC_E_CALL_COMPLETE
2800x80010118 Impersonate on unsecure calls is not supported. RPC_E_UNSECURE_CALL
2810x80010119 Security must be initialized before any interfaces are marshalled or unmarshalled. It cannot be changed once initialized. RPC_E_TOO_LATE
2820x8001011A No security packages are installed on this machine or the user is not logged on or there are no compatible security packages between the client and server. RPC_E_NO_GOOD_SECURITY_PACKAGES
2830x8001011B Access is denied. RPC_E_ACCESS_DENIED
2840x8001011C Remote calls are not allowed for this process. RPC_E_REMOTE_DISABLED
2850x8001011D The marshaled interface data packet (OBJREF) has an invalid or unknown format. RPC_E_INVALID_OBJREF
2860x8001011E No context is associated with this call. This happens for some custom marshalled calls and on the client side of the call. RPC_E_NO_CONTEXT
2870x8001011F This operation returned because the timeout period expired. RPC_E_TIMEOUT
2880x80010120 There are no synchronize objects to wait on. RPC_E_NO_SYNC
2890x80010121 Full subject issuer chain SSL principal name expected from the server. RPC_E_FULLSIC_REQUIRED
2900x80010122 Principal name is not a valid MSSTD name. RPC_E_INVALID_STD_NAME
2910x80010123 Unable to impersonate DCOM client CO_E_FAILEDTOIMPERSONATE
2920x80010124 Unable to obtain server's security context CO_E_FAILEDTOGETSECCTX
2930x80010125 Unable to open the access token of the current thread CO_E_FAILEDTOOPENTHREADTOKEN
2940x80010126 Unable to obtain user info from an access token CO_E_FAILEDTOGETTOKENINFO
2950x80010127 The client who called IAccessControl::IsAccessPermitted was not the trustee provided to the method CO_E_TRUSTEEDOESNTMATCHCLIENT
2960x80010128 Unable to obtain the client's security blanket CO_E_FAILEDTOQUERYCLIENTBLANKET
2970x80010129 Unable to set a discretionary ACL into a security descriptor CO_E_FAILEDTOSETDACL
2980x8001012A The system function, AccessCheck, returned false CO_E_ACCESSCHECKFAILED
2990x8001012B Either NetAccessDel or NetAccessAdd returned an error code. CO_E_NETACCESSAPIFAILED
3000x8001012C One of the trustee strings provided by the user did not conform to the <Domain>\<Name> syntax and it was not the "*" string CO_E_WRONGTRUSTEENAMESYNTAX
3010x8001012D One of the security identifiers provided by the user was invalid CO_E_INVALIDSID
3020x8001012E Unable to convert a wide character trustee string to a multibyte trustee string CO_E_CONVERSIONFAILED
3030x8001012F Unable to find a security identifier that corresponds to a trustee string provided by the user CO_E_NOMATCHINGSIDFOUND
3040x80010130 The system function, LookupAccountSID, failed CO_E_LOOKUPACCSIDFAILED
3050x80010131 Unable to find a trustee name that corresponds to a security identifier provided by the user CO_E_NOMATCHINGNAMEFOUND
3060x80010132 The system function, LookupAccountName, failed CO_E_LOOKUPACCNAMEFAILED
3070x80010133 Unable to set or reset a serialization handle CO_E_SETSERLHNDLFAILED
3080x80010134 Unable to obtain the Windows directory CO_E_FAILEDTOGETWINDIR
3090x80010135 Path too long CO_E_PATHTOOLONG
3100x80010136 Unable to generate a uuid. CO_E_FAILEDTOGENUUID
3110x80010137 Unable to create file CO_E_FAILEDTOCREATEFILE
3120x80010138 Unable to close a serialization handle or a file handle. CO_E_FAILEDTOCLOSEHANDLE
3130x80010139 The number of ACEs in an ACL exceeds the system limit. CO_E_EXCEEDSYSACLLIMIT
3140x8001013A Not all the DENY_ACCESS ACEs are arranged in front of the GRANT_ACCESS ACEs in the stream. CO_E_ACESINWRONGORDER
3150x8001013B The version of ACL format in the stream is not supported by this implementation of IAccessControl CO_E_INCOMPATIBLESTREAMVERSION
3160x8001013C Unable to open the access token of the server process CO_E_FAILEDTOOPENPROCESSTOKEN
3170x8001013D Unable to decode the ACL in the stream provided by the user CO_E_DECODEFAILED
3190x8001013F The COM IAccessControl object is not initialized CO_E_ACNOTINITIALIZED
3200x80010140 Call Cancellation is disabled CO_E_CANCEL_DISABLED
40960x00011000 -----Original Message-----%0 IDS_ORIGINAL_MESSAGE
40970x00011001 From:%0 IDS_FROM
40980x00011002 Sent:%0 IDS_SENT
40990x00011003 Posted At:%0 IDS_POSTED_AT
41000x00011004 To:%0 IDS_TO
41010x00011005 Cc:%0 IDS_CC
41020x00011006 Posted To:%0 IDS_POSTED_TO
41030x00011007 Conversation:%0 IDS_CONVERSATION
41040x00011008 Subject:%0 IDS_SUBJECT
41050x00011009 Importance:%0 IDS_IMPORTANCE
41060x0001100A on behalf of%0 IDS_ON_BEHALF_OF
41070x0001100B FW:%0 IDS_FW
41080x0001100C RE:%0 IDS_RE
41090x0001100D 1252%0 IDS_CODEPAGE
41100x0001100E Calendar%0 IDS_CalendarFolder
41110x0001100F Contacts%0 IDS_ContactsFolder
41120x00011010 Drafts%0 IDS_DraftsFolder
41130x00011011 Journal%0 IDS_JournalFolder
41140x00011012 Notes%0 IDS_NotesFolder
41150x00011013 Tasks%0 IDS_TasksFolder
41160x00011014 New Folder%0 IDS_NewFolder
41170x00011015 Location:%0 IDS_Location
41180x00011016 Start Time:%0 IDS_StartTime
41190x00011017 End Time:%0 IDS_EndTime
41200x00011018 Time Zone:%0 IDS_TimeZone
41210x00011019 Local time%0 IDS_LocalTime
41220x0001101A Organizer:%0 IDS_Organizer
41230x0001101B Type:%0 IDS_ApptType
41240x0001101C Single Appointment%0 IDS_SingleAppt
41250x0001101D Single Meeting%0 IDS_SingleMtg
41260x0001101E Recurring Appointment%0 IDS_RecurAppt
41270x0001101F Recurring Meeting%0 IDS_RecurMtg
43520x00011100 Universal Coordinated Time%0 IDS_Universal
43530x00011101 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London%0 IDS_Greenwich
43540x00011102 (GMT+01:00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofija, Vilnius, Warsaw, Zagreb%0 IDS_Sarajevo
43550x00011103 (GMT+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris%0 IDS_Paris
43560x00011104 (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna%0 IDS_Berlin
43570x00011105 (GMT+02:00) Bucharest%0 IDS_EasternEurope
43580x00011106 (GMT+01:00) Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague%0 IDS_Prague
43590x00011107 (GMT+02:00) Athens, Istanbul, Minsk%0 IDS_Athens
43600x00011108 (GMT-03:00) Brasilia%0 IDS_Brasilia
43610x00011109 (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada)%0 IDS_Atlantic
43620x0001110A (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)%0 IDS_Eastern
43630x0001110B (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)%0 IDS_Central
43640x0001110C (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)%0 IDS_Mountain
43650x0001110D (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)%0 IDS_Pacific
43660x0001110E (GMT-09:00) Alaska%0 IDS_Alaska
43670x0001110F (GMT-10:00) Hawaii%0 IDS_Hawaii
43680x00011110 (GMT-11:00) Midway Island, Samoa%0 IDS_Midway
43690x00011111 (GMT+12:00) Auckland, Wellington%0 IDS_Wellington
43700x00011112 (GMT+10:00) Brisbane%0 IDS_Brisbane
43710x00011113 (GMT+09:30) Adelaide%0 IDS_Adelaide
43720x00011114 (GMT+09:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo%0 IDS_Tokyo
43730x00011115 (GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore%0 IDS_Singapore
43740x00011116 (GMT+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta%0 IDS_Bangkok
43750x00011117 (GMT+05:30) Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi%0 IDS_Bombay
43760x00011118 (GMT+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat%0 IDS_AbuDhabi
43770x00011119 (GMT+03:30) Tehran%0 IDS_Tehran
43780x0001111A (GMT+03:00) Baghdad%0 IDS_Baghdad
43790x0001111B (GMT+02:00) Jerusalem%0 IDS_Israel
43800x0001111C (GMT-03:30) Newfoundland%0 IDS_Newfoundland
43810x0001111D (GMT-01:00) Azores%0 IDS_Azores
43820x0001111E (GMT-02:00) Mid-Atlantic%0 IDS_MidAtlantic
43830x0001111F (GMT) Casablanca, Monrovia%0 IDS_Monrovia
43840x00011120 (GMT-03:00) Buenos Aires, Georgetown%0 IDS_BuenosAires
43850x00011121 (GMT-04:00) Caracas, La Paz%0 IDS_Caracas
43860x00011122 (GMT-05:00) Indiana (East)%0 IDS_Indiana
43870x00011123 (GMT-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito%0 IDS_Bogota
43880x00011124 (GMT-06:00) Saskatchewan%0 IDS_Saskatchewan
43890x00011125 (GMT-06:00) Mexico City%0 IDS_Mexico
43900x00011126 (GMT-07:00) Arizona%0 IDS_Arizona
43910x00011127 (GMT-12:00) Eniwetok, Kwajalein%0 IDS_Eniwetok
43920x00011128 (GMT+12:00) Fiji Is., Kamchatka, Marshall Is.%0 IDS_Fiji
43930x00011129 (GMT+11:00) Magadan, Solomon Is., New Caledonia%0 IDS_Magadan
43940x0001112A (GMT+10:00) Hobart%0 IDS_Hobart
43950x0001112B (GMT+10:00) Guam, Port Moresby%0 IDS_Guam
43960x0001112C (GMT+09:30) Darwin%0 IDS_Darwin
43970x0001112D (GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong SAR, Urumqi%0 IDS_Beijing
43980x0001112E (GMT+06:00) Almaty, Novosibirsk%0 IDS_Almaty
43990x0001112F (GMT+05:00) Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent%0 IDS_Islamabad
44000x00011130 (GMT+04:30) Kabul%0 IDS_Kabul
44010x00011131 (GMT+02:00) Cairo%0 IDS_Cairo
44020x00011132 (GMT+02:00) Harare, Pretoria%0 IDS_Harare
44030x00011133 (GMT+03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd%0 IDS_Moscow
44040x00011134 (GMT-01:00) Cape Verde Is.%0 IDS_CapeVerde
44050x00011135 (GMT+04:00) Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan%0 IDS_Caucasus
44060x00011136 (GMT-06:00) Central America%0 IDS_CentralAmerica
44070x00011137 (GMT+03:00) Nairobi%0 IDS_EastAfrica
44080x00011138 (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney%0 IDS_Melbourne
44090x00011139 (GMT+05:00) Ekaterinburg%0 IDS_Ekaterinburg
44100x0001113A (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn%0 IDS_Helsinki
44110x0001113B (GMT-03:00) Greenland%0 IDS_Greenland
44120x0001113C (GMT+06:30) Yangon (Rangun)%0 IDS_Rangoon
44130x0001113D (GMT+05:45) Kathmandu%0 IDS_Nepal
44140x0001113E (GMT+08:00) Irkutsk, Ulaan Bataar%0 IDS_Irkutsk
44150x0001113F (GMT+07:00) Krasnoyarsk%0 IDS_Krasnoyarsk
44160x00011140 (GMT-04:00) Santiago%0 IDS_Santiago
44170x00011141 (GMT+06:00) Sri Jayawardenepura%0 IDS_SriLanka
44180x00011142 (GMT+13:00) Nuku'alofa%0 IDS_Tonga
44190x00011143 (GMT+10:00) Vladivostok%0 IDS_Vladivostok
44200x00011144 (GMT+01:00) West Central Africa%0 IDS_WestCentralAfrica
44210x00011145 (GMT+09:00) Yakutsk%0 IDS_Yakutsk
44220x00011146 (GMT+06:00) Astana, Dhaka%0 IDS_Dhaka
44230x00011147 (GMT+09:00) Seoul%0 IDS_Seoul
44240x00011148 (GMT+08:00) Perth%0 IDS_Perth
44250x00011149 (GMT+03:00) Kuwait, Riyadh%0 IDS_Arab
44260x0001114A (GMT+08:00) Taipei%0 IDS_Taipei
44270x0001114B (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (Year 2000 only)%0 IDS_Sydney2000
44280x0001114C (GMT-07:00) Chihuahua, La Paz, Mazatlan%0 IDS_Chihuahua
44290x0001114D (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (Commonwealth Games)%0 IDS_CanberraCommonwealthGames2006
44300x0001114E (GMT+09:30) Adelaide (Commonwealth Games)%0 IDS_AdelaideCommonwealthGames2006
44310x0001114F (GMT+10:00) Hobart (Commonwealth Games)%0 IDS_HobartCommonwealthGames2006
44320x00011150 (GMT-08:00) Tijuana, Baja California%0 IDS_Tijuana
655350x8001FFFF An internal error occurred. RPC_E_UNEXPECTED

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