Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x80020001 Unknown interface. DISP_E_UNKNOWNINTERFACE
30x80020003 Member not found. DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND
40x80020004 Parameter not found. DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND
50x80020005 Type mismatch. DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH
60x80020006 Unknown name. DISP_E_UNKNOWNNAME
70x80020007 No named arguments. DISP_E_NONAMEDARGS
80x80020008 Bad variable type. DISP_E_BADVARTYPE
90x80020009 Exception occurred. DISP_E_EXCEPTION
100x8002000A Out of present range. DISP_E_OVERFLOW
110x8002000B Invalid index. DISP_E_BADINDEX
120x8002000C Unknown language. DISP_E_UNKNOWNLCID
130x8002000D Memory is locked. DISP_E_ARRAYISLOCKED
140x8002000E Invalid number of parameters. DISP_E_BADPARAMCOUNT
150x8002000F Parameter not optional. DISP_E_PARAMNOTOPTIONAL
160x80020010 Invalid callee. DISP_E_BADCALLEE
170x80020011 Does not support a collection. DISP_E_NOTACOLLECTION
180x80020012 Division by zero. DISP_E_DIVBYZERO
190x80020013 Buffer too small DISP_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL
2570x80020101 OLESCRIPT_E_SYNTAX
327900x80028016 Buffer too small. TYPE_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL
327910x80028017 Field name not defined in the record. TYPE_E_FIELDNOTFOUND
327920x80028018 Old format or invalid type library. TYPE_E_INVDATAREAD
327930x80028019 Old format or invalid type library. TYPE_E_UNSUPFORMAT
327960x8002801C Error accessing the OLE registry. TYPE_E_REGISTRYACCESS
327970x8002801D Library not registered. TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED
328070x80028027 Bound to unknown type. TYPE_E_UNDEFINEDTYPE
328080x80028028 Qualified name disallowed. TYPE_E_QUALIFIEDNAMEDISALLOWED
328090x80028029 Invalid forward reference, or reference to uncompiled type. TYPE_E_INVALIDSTATE
328100x8002802A Type mismatch. TYPE_E_WRONGTYPEKIND
328110x8002802B Element not found. TYPE_E_ELEMENTNOTFOUND
328120x8002802C Ambiguous name. TYPE_E_AMBIGUOUSNAME
328130x8002802D Name already exists in the library. TYPE_E_NAMECONFLICT
328140x8002802E Unknown LCID. TYPE_E_UNKNOWNLCID
328150x8002802F Function not defined in specified DLL. TYPE_E_DLLFUNCTIONNOTFOUND
350050x800288BD Wrong module kind for the operation. TYPE_E_BADMODULEKIND
350130x800288C5 Size may not exceed 64K. TYPE_E_SIZETOOBIG
350140x800288C6 Duplicate ID in inheritance hierarchy. TYPE_E_DUPLICATEID
350230x800288CF Incorrect inheritance depth in standard OLE hmember. TYPE_E_INVALIDID
360000x80028CA0 Type mismatch. TYPE_E_TYPEMISMATCH
360010x80028CA1 Invalid number of arguments. TYPE_E_OUTOFBOUNDS
360020x80028CA2 I/O Error. TYPE_E_IOERROR
360030x80028CA3 Error creating unique tmp file. TYPE_E_CANTCREATETMPFILE
400100x80029C4A Error loading type library/DLL. TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY
400670x80029C83 Inconsistent property functions. TYPE_E_INCONSISTENTPROPFUNCS
400680x80029C84 Circular dependency between types/modules. TYPE_E_CIRCULARTYPE

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