Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x80630001 The IPv6 protocol is not installed. PEER_E_IPV6_NOT_INSTALLED
10x00630001 The graph data was created. PEER_S_GRAPH_DATA_CREATED
20x80630002 The compoment has not been initialized. PEER_E_NOT_INITIALIZED
20x00630002 There is not more event data. PEER_S_NO_EVENT_DATA
30x80630003 The required service canot be started. PEER_E_CANNOT_START_SERVICE
40x80630004 The P2P protocol is not licensed to run on this OS. PEER_E_NOT_LICENSED
50x00630005 No connectivity. PEER_S_NO_CONNECTIVITY
60x00630006 Already a member. PEER_S_ALREADY_A_MEMBER
160x80630010 The graph handle is invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_GRAPH
170x80630011 The GRaphing database name has changed. PEER_E_DBNAME_CHANGED
180x80630012 A graph with the same ID already exists. PEER_E_DUPLICATE_GRAPH
190x80630013 The graph is not ready. PEER_E_GRAPH_NOT_READY
200x80630014 The graph is shutting down. PEER_E_GRAPH_SHUTTING_DOWN
210x80630015 The graph is still in use. PEER_E_GRAPH_IN_USE
220x80630016 The graph database is corrupt. PEER_E_INVALID_DATABASE
230x80630017 Too many attributes have been used. PEER_E_TOO_MANY_ATTRIBUTES
2590x80630103 The connection can not be found. PEER_E_CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND
2620x80630106 The peer attempted to connect to itself. PEER_E_CONNECT_SELF
2630x80630107 The peer is already listening for connections. PEER_E_ALREADY_LISTENING
2640x80630108 The node was not found. PEER_E_NODE_NOT_FOUND
2650x80630109 The Connection attempt failed. PEER_E_CONNECTION_FAILED
2660x8063010A The peer connection could not be authenticated. PEER_E_CONNECTION_NOT_AUTHENTICATED
2670x8063010B The connection was refused. PEER_E_CONNECTION_REFUSED
5130x80630201 The peer anme classifer is too long. PEER_E_CLASSIFIER_TOO_LONG
5140x80630202 The maximum number of identies have been created. PEER_E_TOO_MANY_IDENTITIES
5150x80630203 Unable to access a key. PEER_E_NO_KEY_ACCESS
5160x80630204 The group already exists. PEER_E_GROUPS_EXIST
7690x80630301 The requested record could not be found. PEER_E_RECORD_NOT_FOUND
7700x80630302 Access to the database was denied. PEER_E_DATABASE_ACCESSDENIED
7710x80630303 The Database could not be initialized. PEER_E_DBINITIALIZATION_FAILED
7720x80630304 The record is too big. PEER_E_MAX_RECORD_SIZE_EXCEEDED
7730x80630305 The database already exists. PEER_E_DATABASE_ALREADY_PRESENT
7740x80630306 The database could not be found. PEER_E_DATABASE_NOT_PRESENT
10250x80630401 The identity could not be found. PEER_E_IDENTITY_NOT_FOUND
12810x80630501 The event handle could not be found. PEER_E_EVENT_HANDLE_NOT_FOUND
15370x80630601 Invalid search. PEER_E_INVALID_SEARCH
15380x80630602 The search atributes are invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_ATTRIBUTES
17930x80630701 The invitiation is not trusted. PEER_E_INVITATION_NOT_TRUSTED
17950x80630703 The certchain is too long. PEER_E_CHAIN_TOO_LONG
17970x80630705 The time period is invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_TIME_PERIOD
17980x80630706 A circular cert chain was detected. PEER_E_CIRCULAR_CHAIN_DETECTED
20490x80630801 The certstore is corrupted. PEER_E_CERT_STORE_CORRUPTED
40970x80631001 The specified PNRP cloud deos not exist. PEER_E_NO_CLOUD
41010x80631005 The cloud name is ambiguous. PEER_E_CLOUD_NAME_AMBIGUOUS
81920x00632000 The graph is already connect. PEER_S_ALREADY_CONNECTED
82080x80632010 The record is invlaid. PEER_E_INVALID_RECORD
82240x80632020 Not authorized. PEER_E_NOT_AUTHORIZED
82250x80632021 The password does not meet policy requirements. PEER_E_PASSWORD_DOES_NOT_MEET_POLICY
82400x80632030 The record validation has been defered. PEER_E_DEFERRED_VALIDATION
82560x80632040 The group properies are invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_GROUP_PROPERTIES
82720x80632050 The peername is invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_PEER_NAME
82880x80632060 The classifier is invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_CLASSIFIER
83040x80632070 The friendly name is invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_FRIENDLY_NAME
83050x80632071 Invalid role property. PEER_E_INVALID_ROLE_PROPERTY
83060x80632072 Invalid classifer protopery. PEER_E_INVALID_CLASSIFIER_PROPERTY
83200x80632080 Invlaid record expiration. PEER_E_INVALID_RECORD_EXPIRATION
83210x80632081 Invlaid credential info. PEER_E_INVALID_CREDENTIAL_INFO
83220x80632082 Invalid credential. PEER_E_INVALID_CREDENTIAL
83230x80632083 Invalid record size. PEER_E_INVALID_RECORD_SIZE
83360x80632090 Unsupported version. PEER_E_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION
83370x80632091 The group is not ready. PEER_E_GROUP_NOT_READY
83380x80632092 The group is still in use. PEER_E_GROUP_IN_USE
83390x80632093 The group is invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_GROUP
83400x80632094 No members were found. PEER_E_NO_MEMBERS_FOUND
83410x80632095 There are no member connections. PEER_E_NO_MEMBER_CONNECTIONS
83420x80632096 Unable to listen. PEER_E_UNABLE_TO_LISTEN
83520x806320A0 The identity does not exist. PEER_E_IDENTITY_DELETED
83530x806320A1 The service is not availible. PEER_E_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE
163850x80634001 The peername could not be converted to a DNS pnrp name. PEER_E_CANNOT_CONVERT_PEER_NAME
163860x80634002 Invalid peer host name. PEER_E_INVALID_PEER_HOST_NAME
163870x80634003 No more data could be found. PEER_E_NO_MORE
163890x80634005 The existing peer anme is already registered. PEER_E_PNRP_DUPLICATE_PEER_NAME
245760x00636000 The subscription already exists. PEER_S_SUBSCRIPTION_EXISTS
245770x80636001 THe contact could not be found. PEER_E_CONTACT_NOT_FOUND
286720x80637000 The app invite request was canceld by the user. PEER_E_INVITE_CANCELLED
286730x80637001 No respose ot the invite was received. PEER_E_INVITE_RESPONSE_NOT_AVAILABLE
286750x80637003 User is not siged into serverless presence. PEER_E_NOT_SIGNED_IN
286760x80637004 The user declinded the privacy policy prompt. PEER_E_PRIVACY_DECLINED
286770x80637005 A timeout occured. PEER_E_TIMEOUT
286790x80637007 The address is invalid. PEER_E_INVALID_ADDRESS
286800x80637008 A required firewall exception is disabled. PEER_E_FW_EXCEPTION_DISABLED
286810x80637009 The service is block by a firewall policy. PEER_E_FW_BLOCKED_BY_POLICY
286820x8063700A Firewall exceptions are disabled. PEER_E_FW_BLOCKED_BY_SHIELDS_UP
286830x8063700B THe user declinded to enable the firewall exceptions. PEER_E_FW_DECLINED

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