Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x80650001 The attribute handle given was not valid on this server. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INVALID_HANDLE
20x80650002 The attribute cannot be read. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_READ_NOT_PERMITTED
30x80650003 The attribute cannot be written. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_WRITE_NOT_PERMITTED
40x80650004 The attribute PDU was invalid. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INVALID_PDU
50x80650005 The attribute requires authentication before it can be read or written. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_AUTHENTICATION
60x80650006 Attribute server does not support the request received from the client. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_REQUEST_NOT_SUPPORTED
70x80650007 Offset specified was past the end of the attribute. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INVALID_OFFSET
80x80650008 The attribute requires authorization before it can be read or written. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_AUTHORIZATION
90x80650009 Too many prepare writes have been queued. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_PREPARE_QUEUE_FULL
100x8065000A No attribute found within the given attribute handle range. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND
110x8065000B The attribute cannot be read or written using the Read Blob Request. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_LONG
120x8065000C The Encryption Key Size used for encrypting this link is insufficient. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_ENCRYPTION_KEY_SIZE
130x8065000D The attribute value length is invalid for the operation. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_LENGTH
140x8065000E The attribute request that was requested has encountered an error that was unlikely, and therefore could not be completed as requested. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_UNLIKELY
150x8065000F The attribute requires encryption before it can be read or written. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_ENCRYPTION
160x80650010 The attribute type is not a supported grouping attribute as defined by a higher layer specification. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_UNSUPPORTED_GROUP_TYPE
170x80650011 Insufficient Resources to complete the request. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES
40960x80651000 An error that lies in the reserved range has been received. E_BLUETOOTH_ATT_UNKNOWN_ERROR

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