Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

1020xC8000066 Unable to close the DOS file hrFileClose
1030xC8000067 Unable to start a thread because there are none available. hrOutOfThreads
1050xC8000069 The system is busy because there are too many I/Os. hrTooManyIO
2000x880000C8 The buffer page has been evicted. hrBFNotSynchronous
2010x880000C9 Unable to find the page. hrBFPageNotFound
2020xC80000CA Unable to abandon the buffer. hrBFInUse
3020xC800012E The record has been deleted. hrPMRecDeleted
3210x88000141 There is idle work remaining. hrRemainingVersions
4000x88000190 The key was truncated because it exceeded the maximum length. hrFLDKeyTooBig
4010xC8000191 There are too many key segments. hrFLDTooManySegments
4020x88000192 The key is NULL. hrFLDNullKey
5010xC80001F5 The log file is damaged. hrLogFileCorrupt
5030xC80001F7 No backup directory was given. hrNoBackupDirectory
5040xC80001F8 The backup directory is not empty. hrBackupDirectoryNotEmpty
5050xC80001F9 Backup is already active. hrBackupInProgress
5090xC80001FD A log file for the checkpoint is missing. hrMissingPreviousLogFile
5100xC80001FE Unable to write to the log file. hrLogWriteFail
5140xC8000202 The version of the log file is not compatible with the version of the Windows NT Directory Service database (NTDS). hrBadLogVersion
5150xC8000203 The time stamp in the next log does not match what was expected. hrInvalidLogSequence
5160xC8000204 The log is not active. hrLoggingDisabled
5170xC8000205 The log buffer is too small to be recovered. hrLogBufferTooSmall
5190xC8000207 The maximum number of log files has been exceeded. hrLogSequenceEnd
5200xC8000208 There is no backup in progress. hrNoBackup
5210xC8000209 The backup call is out of sequence. hrInvalidBackupSequence
5230xC800020B Unable to perform a backup now. hrBackupNotAllowedYet
5240xC800020C Unable to delete the backup file. hrDeleteBackupFileFail
5250xC800020D Unable to make a backup temporary directory. hrMakeBackupDirectoryFail
5260xC800020E An incremental backup cannot be performed when circular logging is enabled. hrInvalidBackup
5270xC800020F Errors were encountered during the repair process. hrRecoveredWithErrors
5280xC8000210 The current log file is missing. hrMissingLogFile
5290xC8000211 The log disk is full. hrLogDiskFull
5300xC8000212 A log file is damaged. hrBadLogSignature
5310xC8000213 A database file is damaged. hrBadDbSignature
5320xC8000214 A checkpoint file is damaged. hrBadCheckpointSignature
5330xC8000215 A checkpoint file either could not be found or is damaged. hrCheckpointCorrupt
5500xC8000226 The database is damaged. hrDatabaseInconsistent
5510xC8000227 There is a mismatch in the database's last consistent time. hrConsistentTimeMismatch
5520xC8000228 The patch file is not generated from this backup. hrPatchFileMismatch
5530xC8000229 The starting log number is too low for the restore. hrRestoreLogTooLow
5540xC800022A The starting log number is too high for the restore. hrRestoreLogTooHigh
5550xC800022B The log file downloaded from the tape is damaged. hrGivenLogFileHasBadSignature
5560xC800022C Unable to find a mandatory log file after the tape was downloaded. hrGivenLogFileIsNotContiguous
5570xC800022D The data is not fully restored because some log files are missing. hrMissingRestoreLogFiles
5580x8800022E The log file in the log file path is damaged. hrExistingLogFileHasBadSignature
5590x8800022F Unable to find a mandatory log file in the log file path. hrExistingLogFileIsNotContiguous
5600xC8000230 The database missed a previous full backup before the incremental backup. hrMissingFullBackup
5610xC8000231 The backup database size must be a multiple of 4K (4096 bytes). hrBadBackupDatabaseSize
10000xC80003E8 The database is being shut down. hrTermInProgress
10010xC80003E9 The feature is not available. hrFeatureNotAvailable
10020xC80003EA The name is not valid. hrInvalidName
10030xC80003EB The parameter is not valid. hrInvalidParameter
10040x880003EC The value of the column is null. hrColumnNull
10060x880003EE The buffer is too small for data. hrBufferTruncated
10070x880003EF The database is already attached. hrDatabaseAttached
10100xC80003F2 The database ID is not valid. hrInvalidDatabaseId
10110xC80003F3 The computer is out of memory. hrOutOfMemory
10120xC80003F4 The database has reached the maximum size of 16 GB. hrOutOfDatabaseSpace
10130xC80003F5 Out of table cursors. hrOutOfCursors
10140xC80003F6 Out of database page buffers. hrOutOfBuffers
10150xC80003F7 There are too many indexes. hrTooManyIndexes
10160xC80003F8 There are too many columns in an index. hrTooManyKeys
10170xC80003F9 The record has been deleted. hrRecordDeleted
10180xC80003FA A read verification error occurred. hrReadVerifyFailure
10200xC80003FC Out of file handles. hrOutOfFileHandles
10220xC80003FE A disk I/O error occurred. hrDiskIO
10230xC80003FF The path to the file is not valid. hrInvalidPath
10260xC8000402 The record has exceeded the maximum size. hrRecordTooBig
10270xC8000403 There are too many open databases. hrTooManyOpenDatabases
10280xC8000404 The file is not a database file. hrInvalidDatabase
10290xC8000405 The database was not yet called. hrNotInitialized
10300xC8000406 The database was already called. hrAlreadyInitialized
10320xC8000408 Unable to access the file. hrFileAccessDenied
10380xC800040E The buffer is too small. hrBufferTooSmall
10390x8800040F Either SeekLE or SeekGE did not find an exact match. hrSeekNotEqual
10400xC8000410 There are too many columns defined. hrTooManyColumns
10430xC8000413 The container is not empty. hrContainerNotEmpty
10440xC8000414 The filename is not valid. hrInvalidFilename
10450xC8000415 The bookmark is not valid. hrInvalidBookmark
10460xC8000416 The column is used in an index. hrColumnInUse
10470xC8000417 The data buffer does not match the column size. hrInvalidBufferSize
10480xC8000418 Unable to set the column value. hrColumnNotUpdatable
10510xC800041B The index is in use. hrIndexInUse
10530xC800041D Null keys are not allowed on an index. hrNullKeyDisallowed
10540xC800041E The operation must be within a transaction. hrNotInTransaction
10580x88000422 No idle activity occurred. hrNoIdleActivity
10590xC8000423 There are too many active database users. hrTooManyActiveUsers
10610xC8000425 The country code is either not known or is not valid. hrInvalidCountry
10620xC8000426 The language ID is either not known or is not valid. hrInvalidLanguageId
10630xC8000427 The code page is either not known or is not valid. hrInvalidCodePage
10670x8800042B There is no write lock at transaction level 0. hrNoWriteLock
10680x8800042C The column value is set to null. hrColumnSetNull
10690xC800042D lMaxVerPages exceeded (XJET only) hrVersionStoreOutOfMemory
10700xC800042E Out of cursors. hrCurrencyStackOutOfMemory
11010xC800044D Out of sessions. hrOutOfSessions
11020xC800044E The write lock failed due to an outstanding write lock. hrWriteConflict
11030xC800044F The transactions are nested too deeply. hrTransTooDeep
11040xC8000450 The session handle is not valid. hrInvalidSesid
11070xC8000453 Another session has a private version of the page. hrSessionWriteConflict
11080xC8000454 The operation is not allowed within a transaction. hrInTransaction
12010xC80004B1 The database already exists. hrDatabaseDuplicate
12020xC80004B2 The database is in use. hrDatabaseInUse
12030xC80004B3 The database does not exist. hrDatabaseNotFound
12040xC80004B4 The database name is not valid. hrDatabaseInvalidName
12050xC80004B5 The number of pages is not valid. hrDatabaseInvalidPages
12060xC80004B6 The database file is either damaged or cannot be found. hrDatabaseCorrupted
12070xC80004B7 The database is locked. hrDatabaseLocked
13010x88000515 An empty table was opened. hrTableEmpty
13020xC8000516 The table is locked. hrTableLocked
13030xC8000517 The table already exists. hrTableDuplicate
13040xC8000518 Unable to lock the table because it is already in use. hrTableInUse
13050xC8000519 The table or object does not exist. hrObjectNotFound
13060xC800051A Unable to rename the temporary file. hrCannotRename
13070xC800051B The file/index density is not valid. hrDensityInvalid
13080xC800051C Unable to define the clustered index. hrTableNotEmpty
13100xC800051E The table ID is not valid. hrInvalidTableId
13110xC800051F Unable to open any more tables. hrTooManyOpenTables
13120xC8000520 The operation is not supported on tables. hrIllegalOperation
13140xC8000522 The table or object name is already being used. hrObjectDuplicate
13160xC8000524 The object is not valid for operation. hrInvalidObject
14010xC8000579 Unable to build a clustered index. hrIndexCantBuild
14020xC800057A The primary index is already defined. hrIndexHasPrimary
14030xC800057B The index is already defined. hrIndexDuplicate
14040xC800057C The index does not exist. hrIndexNotFound
14050xC800057D Unable to delete a clustered index. hrIndexMustStay
14060xC800057E The index definition is illegal. hrIndexInvalidDef
14080xC8000580 The clustered index is already defined. hrIndexHasClustered
14090x88000581 Unable to create the index because an error occurred while creating a table. hrCreateIndexFailed
14100xC8000582 Out of index description blocks. hrTooManyOpenIndexes
15010xC80005DD The column value is too long. hrColumnLong
15030xC80005DF The field will not fit in the record. hrColumnDoesNotFit
15040xC80005E0 The value cannot be null. hrNullInvalid
15050xC80005E1 Unable to delete because the column is indexed. hrColumnIndexed
15060xC80005E2 The length of the field exceeds the maximum length. hrColumnTooBig
15070xC80005E3 Unable to find the column. hrColumnNotFound
15080xC80005E4 The field is already defined. hrColumnDuplicate
15100xC80005E6 Only one auto-increment or version column is allowed per table. hrColumn2ndSysMaint
15110xC80005E7 The column data type is not valid. hrInvalidColumnType
15120x880005E8 The column was truncated because it exceeded the maximum length. hrColumnMaxTruncated
15130xC80005E9 Unable to index a long value column. hrColumnCannotIndex
15140xC80005EA Tagged columns cannot be null. hrTaggedNotNULL
15150xC80005EB The entry is not valid without a current index. hrNoCurrentIndex
15160xC80005EC The key is completely made. hrKeyIsMade
15170xC80005ED The column ID is not correct. hrBadColumnId
15180xC80005EE There is a bad instance identifier for a multivalued column. hrBadItagSequence
15210xC80005F1 AutoIncrement and Version cannot be multivalued. hrCannotBeTagged
16010xC8000641 Unable to find the key. hrRecordNotFound
16030xC8000643 The currency is not on a record. hrNoCurrentRecord
16040xC8000644 A clustered key cannot be changed. hrRecordClusteredChanged
16050xC8000645 The key already exists. hrKeyDuplicate
16070xC8000647 The current entry has already been copied or cleared. hrAlreadyPrepared
16080xC8000648 No key was made. hrKeyNotMade
16090xC8000649 Update was not prepared. hrUpdateNotPrepared
16100x8800064A Data has changed. hrwrnDataHasChanged
16110xC800064B The operation was abandoned because data has changed. hrerrDataHasChanged
16180x88000652 Moved to a new key. hrKeyChanged
17010xC80006A5 There are too many sort processes. hrTooManySorts
17020xC80006A6 An operation that is not valid occurred in the sort. hrInvalidOnSort
18030xC800070B Unable to open the temporary file. hrTempFileOpenError
18050xC800070D There are too many databases open. hrTooManyAttachedDatabases
18080xC8000710 The disk is full. hrDiskFull
18090xC8000711 Permission is denied. hrPermissionDenied
18110xC8000713 Unable to find the file. hrFileNotFound
18130x88000715 The database file is read only. hrFileOpenReadOnly
18500xC800073A Unable to restore after initialization. hrAfterInitialization
18520xC800073C The database log files are damaged. hrLogCorrupted
19060xC8000772 The operation is not valid. hrInvalidOperation
19070xC8000773 Access is denied. hrAccessDenied

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