Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10xC7FF0001 The parameter is not valid. hrInvalidParam
20xC7FF0002 An internal error has occurred. hrError
30xC7FF0003 The handle is not valid. hrInvalidHandle
40xC7FF0004 The Restore process is already in progress. hrRestoreInProgress
50xC7FF0005 The file specified is already open. hrAlreadyOpen
60xC7FF0006 The recipients are invalid. hrInvalidRecips
70xC7FF0007 Unable to perform the backup. Either you are not connected to the specified backup server or the service you are trying to backup is not running. hrCouldNotConnect
80xC7FF0008 A restore map already exists for the specified component. You can only specify a restore map when performing a full restore. hrRestoreMapExists
90xC7FF0009 Another application has modified the specified Windows NT Directory Service database such that any subsequent backups will fail. You must perform a full backup to fix this problem. hrIncrementalBackupDisabled
100xC7FF000A Unable to perform an incremental backup because a required Windows NT Directory Service database log file could not be found. hrLogFileNotFound
110xC7FF000B The Windows NT Directory Service component specified is configured to use circular database logs. It cannot be backed up without a full backup. hrCircularLogging
120xC7FF000C The databases have not been restored to this machine. You cannot restore an incremental backup until a full backup has been restored. hrNoFullRestore
130xC7FF000D A communications error occurred while attempting to perform a local backup. hrCommunicationError
140xC7FF000E You must perform a full backup before you can perform an incremental backup. hrFullBackupNotTaken
150xC7FF000F Expiry token is missing. Cannot restore without knowing the expiry information. hrMissingExpiryToken
160xC7FF0010 Expiry token is in unrecognizable format. hrUnknownExpiryTokenFormat
170xC7FF0011 DS Contents in the backup copy are out of date. Try restoring with a more recent copy. hrContentsExpired

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