Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

2560x803E0100 The notification channel has already been closed. WPN_E_CHANNEL_CLOSED
2570x803E0101 The notification channel request did not complete successfully. WPN_E_CHANNEL_REQUEST_NOT_COMPLETE
2580x803E0102 The application identifier provided is invalid. WPN_E_INVALID_APP
2590x803E0103 A notification channel request for the provided application identifier is in progress. WPN_E_OUTSTANDING_CHANNEL_REQUEST
2600x803E0104 The channel identifier is already tied to another application endpoint. WPN_E_DUPLICATE_CHANNEL
2610x803E0105 The notification platform is unavailable. WPN_E_PLATFORM_UNAVAILABLE
2620x803E0106 The notification has already been posted. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_POSTED
2630x803E0107 The notification has already been hidden. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_HIDDEN
2640x803E0108 The notification cannot be hidden until it has been shown. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_NOT_POSTED
2650x803E0109 Cloud notifications have been turned off. WPN_E_CLOUD_DISABLED
2720x803E0110 The application does not have the cloud notification capability. WPN_E_CLOUD_INCAPABLE
2730x803E0111 Settings prevent the notification from being delivered. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_DISABLED
2740x803E0112 Application capabilities prevent the notification from being delivered. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_INCAPABLE
2750x803E0113 The application does not have the internet access capability. WPN_E_INTERNET_INCAPABLE
2760x803E0114 Settings prevent the notification type from being delivered. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_TYPE_DISABLED
2770x803E0115 The size of the notification content is too large. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_SIZE
2780x803E0116 The size of the notification tag is too large. WPN_E_TAG_SIZE
2790x803E0117 The notification platform doesn't have appropriate privilege on resources. WPN_E_ACCESS_DENIED
2800x803E0118 The notification platform found application is already registered. WPN_E_DUPLICATE_REGISTRATION
5120x803E0200 The notification platform has run out of presentation layer sessions. WPN_E_OUT_OF_SESSION
5130x803E0201 The notification platform rejects image download request due to system in power save mode. WPN_E_POWER_SAVE
5140x803E0202 The notification platform doesn't have the requested image in its cache. WPN_E_IMAGE_NOT_FOUND_IN_CACHE
5150x803E0203 The notification platform cannot complete all of requested image. WPN_E_ALL_URL_NOT_COMPLETED
5160x803E0204 A cloud image downloaded from the notification platform is invalid. WPN_E_INVALID_CLOUD_IMAGE
5170x803E0205 Notification Id provided as filter is matched with what the notification platform maintains. WPN_E_NOTIFICATION_ID_MATCHED
5180x803E0206 Notification callback interface is already registered. WPN_E_CALLBACK_ALREADY_REGISTERED

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