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This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10xC0380001 The configuration database is full. ERROR_VOLMGR_DATABASE_FULL
10x80380001 The regeneration operation was not able to copy all data from the active plexes due to bad sectors. ERROR_VOLMGR_INCOMPLETE_REGENERATION
20xC0380002 The configuration data on the disk is corrupted. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_CONFIGURATION_CORRUPTED
20x80380002 One or more disks were not fully migrated to the target pack. They may or may not require reimport after fixing the hardware problems. ERROR_VOLMGR_INCOMPLETE_DISK_MIGRATION
30xC0380003 The configuration on the disk is not insync with the in-memory configuration. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_CONFIGURATION_NOT_IN_SYNC
40xC0380004 A majority of disks failed to be updated with the new configuration. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_CONFIG_UPDATE_FAILED
50xC0380005 The disk contains non-simple volumes. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_CONTAINS_NON_SIMPLE_VOLUME
60xC0380006 The same disk was specified more than once in the migration list. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_DUPLICATE
70xC0380007 The disk is already dynamic. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_DYNAMIC
80xC0380008 The specified disk id is invalid. There are no disks with the specified disk id. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_ID_INVALID
90xC0380009 The specified disk is an invalid disk. Operation cannot complete on an invalid disk. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_INVALID
100xC038000A The specified disk(s) cannot be removed since it is the last remaining voter. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_LAST_VOTER
110xC038000B The specified disk has an invalid disk layout. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_LAYOUT_INVALID
120xC038000C The disk layout contains non-basic partitions which appear after basic paritions. This is an invalid disk layout. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_LAYOUT_NON_BASIC_BETWEEN_BASIC_PARTITIONS
130xC038000D The disk layout contains partitions which are not cylinder aligned. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_LAYOUT_NOT_CYLINDER_ALIGNED
140xC038000E The disk layout contains partitions which are samller than the minimum size. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_LAYOUT_PARTITIONS_TOO_SMALL
150xC038000F The disk layout contains primary partitions in between logical drives. This is an invalid disk layout. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_LAYOUT_PRIMARY_BETWEEN_LOGICAL_PARTITIONS
160xC0380010 The disk layout contains more than the maximum number of supported partitions. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_LAYOUT_TOO_MANY_PARTITIONS
170xC0380011 The specified disk is missing. The operation cannot complete on a missing disk. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_MISSING
180xC0380012 The specified disk is not empty. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_NOT_EMPTY
190xC0380013 There is not enough usable space for this operation. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE
200xC0380014 The force revectoring of bad sectors failed. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_REVECTORING_FAILED
210xC0380015 The specified disk has an invalid sector size. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_SECTOR_SIZE_INVALID
220xC0380016 The specified disk set contains volumes which exist on disks outside of the set. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_SET_NOT_CONTAINED
230xC0380017 A disk in the volume layout provides extents to more than one member of a plex. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_USED_BY_MULTIPLE_MEMBERS
240xC0380018 A disk in the volume layout provides extents to more than one plex. ERROR_VOLMGR_DISK_USED_BY_MULTIPLE_PLEXES
250xC0380019 Dynamic disks are not supported on this system. ERROR_VOLMGR_DYNAMIC_DISK_NOT_SUPPORTED
260xC038001A The specified extent is already used by other volumes. ERROR_VOLMGR_EXTENT_ALREADY_USED
270xC038001B The specified volume is retained and can only be extended into a contiguous extent. The specified extent to grow the volume is not contiguous with the specified volume. ERROR_VOLMGR_EXTENT_NOT_CONTIGUOUS
280xC038001C The specified volume extent is not within the public region of the disk. ERROR_VOLMGR_EXTENT_NOT_IN_PUBLIC_REGION
290xC038001D The specifed volume extent is not sector aligned. ERROR_VOLMGR_EXTENT_NOT_SECTOR_ALIGNED
300xC038001E The specified parition overlaps an EBR (the first track of an extended partition on a MBR disks). ERROR_VOLMGR_EXTENT_OVERLAPS_EBR_PARTITION
310xC038001F The specified extent lengths cannot be used to construct a volume with specified length. ERROR_VOLMGR_EXTENT_VOLUME_LENGTHS_DO_NOT_MATCH
320xC0380020 The system does not support fault tolerant volumes. ERROR_VOLMGR_FAULT_TOLERANT_NOT_SUPPORTED
330xC0380021 The specified interleave length is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_INTERLEAVE_LENGTH_INVALID
340xC0380022 There is already a maximum number of registered users. ERROR_VOLMGR_MAXIMUM_REGISTERED_USERS
350xC0380023 The specified member is already in-sync with the other active members. It does not need to be regenerated. ERROR_VOLMGR_MEMBER_IN_SYNC
360xC0380024 The same member index was specified more than once. ERROR_VOLMGR_MEMBER_INDEX_DUPLICATE
370xC0380025 The specified member index is greater or equal than the number of members in the volume plex. ERROR_VOLMGR_MEMBER_INDEX_INVALID
380xC0380026 The specified member is missing. It cannot be regenerated. ERROR_VOLMGR_MEMBER_MISSING
390xC0380027 The specified member is not detached. Cannot replace a member which is not detached. ERROR_VOLMGR_MEMBER_NOT_DETACHED
400xC0380028 The specified member is already regenerating. ERROR_VOLMGR_MEMBER_REGENERATING
410xC0380029 All disks belonging to the pack failed. ERROR_VOLMGR_ALL_DISKS_FAILED
420xC038002A There are currently no registered users for notifications. The task number is irrelevant unless there are registered users. ERROR_VOLMGR_NO_REGISTERED_USERS
430xC038002B The specified notification user does not exist. Failed to unregister user for notifications. ERROR_VOLMGR_NO_SUCH_USER
440xC038002C The notifications have been reset. Notifications for the current user are invalid. Unregister and re-register for notifications. ERROR_VOLMGR_NOTIFICATION_RESET
450xC038002D The specified number of members is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_NUMBER_OF_MEMBERS_INVALID
460xC038002E The specified number of plexes is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_NUMBER_OF_PLEXES_INVALID
470xC038002F The specified source and target packs are identical. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_DUPLICATE
480xC0380030 The specified pack id is invalid. There are no packs with the specified pack id. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_ID_INVALID
490xC0380031 The specified pack is the invalid pack. The operation cannot complete with the invalid pack. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_INVALID
500xC0380032 The specified pack name is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_NAME_INVALID
510xC0380033 The specified pack is offline. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_OFFLINE
520xC0380034 The specified pack already has a quorum of healthy disks. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_HAS_QUORUM
530xC0380035 The pack does not have a quorum of healthy disks. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_WITHOUT_QUORUM
540xC0380036 The specified disk has an unsupported partition style. Only MBR and GPT partition styles are supported. ERROR_VOLMGR_PARTITION_STYLE_INVALID
550xC0380037 Failed to update the disk's partition layout. ERROR_VOLMGR_PARTITION_UPDATE_FAILED
560xC0380038 The specified plex is already in-sync with the other active plexes. It does not need to be regenerated. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_IN_SYNC
570xC0380039 The same plex index was specified more than once. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_INDEX_DUPLICATE
580xC038003A The specified plex index is greater or equal than the number of plexes in the volume. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_INDEX_INVALID
590xC038003B The specified plex is the last active plex in the volume. The plex cannot be removed or else the volume will go offline. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_LAST_ACTIVE
600xC038003C The specified plex is missing. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_MISSING
610xC038003D The specified plex is currently regenerating. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_REGENERATING
620xC038003E The specified plex type is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_TYPE_INVALID
630xC038003F The operation is only supported on RAID-5 plexes. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_NOT_RAID5
640xC0380040 The operation is only supported on simple plexes. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_NOT_SIMPLE
650xC0380041 The Size fields in the VM_VOLUME_LAYOUT input structure are incorrectly set. ERROR_VOLMGR_STRUCTURE_SIZE_INVALID
660xC0380042 There is already a pending request for notifications. Wait for the existing request to return before requesting for more notifications. ERROR_VOLMGR_TOO_MANY_NOTIFICATION_REQUESTS
670xC0380043 There is currently a transaction in process. ERROR_VOLMGR_TRANSACTION_IN_PROGRESS
680xC0380044 An unexpected layout change occurred outside of the volume manager. ERROR_VOLMGR_UNEXPECTED_DISK_LAYOUT_CHANGE
690xC0380045 The specified volume contains a missing disk. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_CONTAINS_MISSING_DISK
700xC0380046 The specified volume id is invalid. There are no volumes with the specified volume id. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_ID_INVALID
710xC0380047 The specified volume length is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_LENGTH_INVALID
720xC0380048 The specified size for the volume is not a multiple of the sector size. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_LENGTH_NOT_SECTOR_SIZE_MULTIPLE
730xC0380049 The operation is only supported on mirrored volumes. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_NOT_MIRRORED
740xC038004A The specified volume does not have a retain partition. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_NOT_RETAINED
750xC038004B The specified volume is offline. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_OFFLINE
760xC038004C The specified volume already has a retain partition. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_RETAINED
770xC038004D The specified number of extents is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_NUMBER_OF_EXTENTS_INVALID
780xC038004E All disks participating to the volume must have the same sector size. ERROR_VOLMGR_DIFFERENT_SECTOR_SIZE
790xC038004F The boot disk experienced failures. ERROR_VOLMGR_BAD_BOOT_DISK
800xC0380050 The configuration of the pack is offline. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_CONFIG_OFFLINE
810xC0380051 The configuration of the pack is online. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_CONFIG_ONLINE
820xC0380052 The specified pack is not the primary pack. ERROR_VOLMGR_NOT_PRIMARY_PACK
830xC0380053 All disks failed to be updated with the new content of the log. ERROR_VOLMGR_PACK_LOG_UPDATE_FAILED
840xC0380054 The specified number of disks in a plex is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_NUMBER_OF_DISKS_IN_PLEX_INVALID
850xC0380055 The specified number of disks in a plex member is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_NUMBER_OF_DISKS_IN_MEMBER_INVALID
860xC0380056 The operation is not supported on mirrored volumes. ERROR_VOLMGR_VOLUME_MIRRORED
870xC0380057 The operation is only supported on simple and spanned plexes. ERROR_VOLMGR_PLEX_NOT_SIMPLE_SPANNED
880xC0380058 The pack has no valid log copies. ERROR_VOLMGR_NO_VALID_LOG_COPIES
890xC0380059 A primary pack is already present. ERROR_VOLMGR_PRIMARY_PACK_PRESENT
900xC038005A The specified number of disks is invalid. ERROR_VOLMGR_NUMBER_OF_DISKS_INVALID
910xC038005B The system does not support mirrored volumes. ERROR_VOLMGR_MIRROR_NOT_SUPPORTED
920xC038005C The system does not support RAID-5 volumes. ERROR_VOLMGR_RAID5_NOT_SUPPORTED

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