Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

2560x803C0100 The operation was cancelled. SDIAG_E_CANCELLED
2570x803C0101 An error occurred when running a PowerShell script. SDIAG_E_SCRIPT
2580x803C0102 An error occurred when interacting with PowerShell runtime. SDIAG_E_POWERSHELL
2590x803C0103 An error occurred in the Scripted Diagnostic Managed Host. SDIAG_E_MANAGEDHOST
2600x803C0104 The troubleshooting pack does not contain a required verifier to complete the verification. SDIAG_E_NOVERIFIER
2610x003C0105 The troubleshooting pack cannot be executed on this system. SDIAG_S_CANNOTRUN
2620x803C0106 Scripted diagnostics is disabled by group policy. SDIAG_E_DISABLED
2630x803C0107 Trust validation of the troubleshooting pack failed. SDIAG_E_TRUST
2640x803C0108 The troubleshooting pack cannot be executed on this system. SDIAG_E_CANNOTRUN
2650x803C0109 This version of the troubleshooting pack is not supported. SDIAG_E_VERSION
2660x803C010A A required resource cannot be loaded. SDIAG_E_RESOURCE
2670x803C010B The troubleshooting pack reported information for a root cause without adding the root cause. SDIAG_E_ROOTCAUSE

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