Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x00340001 The request will be completed later by NDIS status indication. ERROR_NDIS_INDICATION_REQUIRED
20x80340002 The binding to the network interface is being closed. ERROR_NDIS_INTERFACE_CLOSING
40x80340004 An invalid version was specified. ERROR_NDIS_BAD_VERSION
50x80340005 An invalid characteristics table was used. ERROR_NDIS_BAD_CHARACTERISTICS
60x80340006 Failed to find the network interface or network interface is not ready. ERROR_NDIS_ADAPTER_NOT_FOUND
70x80340007 Failed to open the network interface. ERROR_NDIS_OPEN_FAILED
80x80340008 Network interface has encountered an internal unrecoverable failure. ERROR_NDIS_DEVICE_FAILED
90x80340009 The multicast list on the network interface is full. ERROR_NDIS_MULTICAST_FULL
100x8034000A An attempt was made to add a duplicate multicast address to the list. ERROR_NDIS_MULTICAST_EXISTS
110x8034000B At attempt was made to remove a multicast address that was never added. ERROR_NDIS_MULTICAST_NOT_FOUND
120x8034000C Netowork interface aborted the request. ERROR_NDIS_REQUEST_ABORTED
130x8034000D Network interface can not process the request because it is being reset. ERROR_NDIS_RESET_IN_PROGRESS
150x8034000F An attempt was made to send an invalid packet on a network interface. ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_PACKET
160x80340010 The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device. ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST
170x80340011 Network interface is not ready to complete this operation. ERROR_NDIS_ADAPTER_NOT_READY
200x80340014 The length of the buffer submitted for this operation is not valid. ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_LENGTH
210x80340015 The data used for this operation is not valid. ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_DATA
220x80340016 The length of buffer submitted for this operation is too small. ERROR_NDIS_BUFFER_TOO_SHORT
230x80340017 Network interface does not support this OID (Object Identifier) ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_OID
240x80340018 The network interface has been removed. ERROR_NDIS_ADAPTER_REMOVED
250x80340019 Network interface does not support this media type. ERROR_NDIS_UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA
260x8034001A An attempt was made to remove a token ring group address that is in use by other components. ERROR_NDIS_GROUP_ADDRESS_IN_USE
270x8034001B An attempt was made to map a file that can not be found. ERROR_NDIS_FILE_NOT_FOUND
280x8034001C An error occured while NDIS tried to map the file. ERROR_NDIS_ERROR_READING_FILE
290x8034001D An attempt was made to map a file that is alreay mapped. ERROR_NDIS_ALREADY_MAPPED
300x8034001E An attempt to allocate a hardware resource failed because the resource is used by another component. ERROR_NDIS_RESOURCE_CONFLICT
310x8034001F The I/O operation failed because network media is disconnected or wireless access point is out of range. ERROR_NDIS_MEDIA_DISCONNECTED
340x80340022 The network address used in the request is invalid. ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_ADDRESS
420x8034002A The offload operation on the network interface has been paused. ERROR_NDIS_PAUSED
430x8034002B Network interface was not found. ERROR_NDIS_INTERFACE_NOT_FOUND
440x8034002C The revision number specified in the structure is not supported. ERROR_NDIS_UNSUPPORTED_REVISION
450x8034002D The specified port does not exist on this network interface. ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_PORT
460x8034002E The current state of the specified port on this network interface does not support the requested operation. ERROR_NDIS_INVALID_PORT_STATE
470x8034002F The miniport adapter is in low power state. ERROR_NDIS_LOW_POWER_STATE
480x80340030 This operation requires the miniport adapter to be reinitialized. ERROR_NDIS_REINIT_REQUIRED
1870x803400BB Netword interface does not support this request. ERROR_NDIS_NOT_SUPPORTED
41110xC034100F The TCP connection is not offloadable because of a local policy setting. ERROR_NDIS_OFFLOAD_POLICY
41140xC0341012 The TCP connection is not offloadable by the Chimney Offload target. ERROR_NDIS_OFFLOAD_CONNECTION_REJECTED
41150xC0341013 The IP Path object is not in an offloadable state. ERROR_NDIS_OFFLOAD_PATH_REJECTED
81920x80342000 The wireless local area network interface is in auto configuration mode and doesn't support the requested parameter change operation. ERROR_NDIS_DOT11_AUTO_CONFIG_ENABLED
81930x80342001 The wireless local area network interface is busy and can not perform the requested operation. ERROR_NDIS_DOT11_MEDIA_IN_USE
81940x80342002 The wireless local area network interface is power down and doesn't support the requested operation. ERROR_NDIS_DOT11_POWER_STATE_INVALID
81950x80342003 The list of wake on LAN patterns is full. ERROR_NDIS_PM_WOL_PATTERN_LIST_FULL
81960x80342004 The list of low power protocol offloads is full. ERROR_NDIS_PM_PROTOCOL_OFFLOAD_LIST_FULL

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