Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

7680xC1220300 The required callbacks were not registered. WDSTPC_E_CALLBACKS_NOT_REG
7690xC1220301 The session has already completed the download. WDSTPC_E_ALREADY_COMPLETED
7700xC1220302 The download is already in progress. WDSTPC_E_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS
7710xC1220303 An unknown error occurred. WDSTPC_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR
7720xC1220304 WDS Multicast Client not initialized. WDSTPC_E_NOT_INITIALIZED
7730xC1220305 The client did not meet the policy requirements set by the administrator and was kicked from the session. WDSTPC_E_KICKED_POLICY_NOT_MET
7740xC1220306 The client was kicked by the administrator. The client should fallback to some other mechanism to get the contents. WDSTPC_E_KICKED_FALLBACK
7750xC1220307 The client was kicked by the administrator. The client should fail the operation completely. WDSTPC_E_KICKED_FAIL
7760xC1220308 The client was kicked by the administrator. An unknown reason was specified for kicking from session. WDSTPC_E_KICKED_UNKNOWN
7770xC1220309 Multistream support is not enabled. WDSTPC_E_MULTISTREAM_NOT_ENABLED
7780xC122030A The specified client is already in the lowest multistream session. WDSTPC_E_ALREADY_IN_LOWEST_SESSION
7790xC122030B The specified client does not support demotion. WDSTPC_E_CLIENT_DEMOTE_NOT_SUPPORTED
7800xC122030C No IPv4 interface available on server. WDSTPC_E_NO_IP4_INTERFACE
7810xC122030D The specified WIM file requires a reference WIM such as res.rwm in order to be applied. WDSTPTC_E_WIM_APPLY_REQUIRES_REFERENCE_IMAGE

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