Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x80320001 The callout does not exist. FWP_E_CALLOUT_NOT_FOUND
20x80320002 The filter condition does not exist. FWP_E_CONDITION_NOT_FOUND
30x80320003 The filter does not exist. FWP_E_FILTER_NOT_FOUND
40x80320004 The layer does not exist. FWP_E_LAYER_NOT_FOUND
50x80320005 The provider does not exist. FWP_E_PROVIDER_NOT_FOUND
60x80320006 The provider context does not exist. FWP_E_PROVIDER_CONTEXT_NOT_FOUND
70x80320007 The sublayer does not exist. FWP_E_SUBLAYER_NOT_FOUND
80x80320008 The object does not exist. FWP_E_NOT_FOUND
90x80320009 An object with that GUID or LUID already exists. FWP_E_ALREADY_EXISTS
100x8032000A The object is referenced by other objects so cannot be deleted. FWP_E_IN_USE
110x8032000B The call is not allowed from within a dynamic session. FWP_E_DYNAMIC_SESSION_IN_PROGRESS
120x8032000C The call was made from the wrong session so cannot be completed. FWP_E_WRONG_SESSION
130x8032000D The call must be made from within an explicit transaction. FWP_E_NO_TXN_IN_PROGRESS
140x8032000E The call is not allowed from within an explicit transaction. FWP_E_TXN_IN_PROGRESS
150x8032000F The explicit transaction has been forcibly cancelled. FWP_E_TXN_ABORTED
160x80320010 The session has been cancelled. FWP_E_SESSION_ABORTED
170x80320011 The call is not allowed from within a read-only transaction. FWP_E_INCOMPATIBLE_TXN
180x80320012 The call timed out while waiting to acquire the transaction lock. FWP_E_TIMEOUT
190x80320013 Collection of network diagnostic events is disabled. FWP_E_NET_EVENTS_DISABLED
200x80320014 The operation is not supported by the specified layer. FWP_E_INCOMPATIBLE_LAYER
210x80320015 The call is allowed for kernel-mode callers only. FWP_E_KM_CLIENTS_ONLY
220x80320016 The call tried to associate two objects with incompatible lifetimes. FWP_E_LIFETIME_MISMATCH
230x80320017 The object is built in so cannot be deleted. FWP_E_BUILTIN_OBJECT
240x80320018 The maximum number of callouts has been reached. FWP_E_TOO_MANY_CALLOUTS
250x80320019 A notification could not be delivered because a message queue is at its maximum capacity. FWP_E_NOTIFICATION_DROPPED
260x8032001A The traffic parameters do not match those for the security association context. FWP_E_TRAFFIC_MISMATCH
270x8032001B The call is not allowed for the current security association state. FWP_E_INCOMPATIBLE_SA_STATE
280x8032001C A required pointer is null. FWP_E_NULL_POINTER
290x8032001D An enumerator is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_ENUMERATOR
300x8032001E The flags field contains an invalid value. FWP_E_INVALID_FLAGS
310x8032001F A network mask is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_NET_MASK
320x80320020 An FWP_RANGE is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_RANGE
330x80320021 The time interval is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_INTERVAL
340x80320022 An array that must contain at least one element is zero length. FWP_E_ZERO_LENGTH_ARRAY
350x80320023 The field cannot be null. FWP_E_NULL_DISPLAY_NAME
360x80320024 The action type is not one of the allowed action types for a filter. FWP_E_INVALID_ACTION_TYPE
370x80320025 The filter weight is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_WEIGHT
380x80320026 A filter condition contains a match type that is not compatible with the operands. FWP_E_MATCH_TYPE_MISMATCH
390x80320027 An FWP_VALUE or FWPM_CONDITION_VALUE is of the wrong type. FWP_E_TYPE_MISMATCH
400x80320028 An integer value is outside the allowed range. FWP_E_OUT_OF_BOUNDS
410x80320029 A reserved field is non-zero. FWP_E_RESERVED
420x8032002A A filter cannot contain multiple conditions operating on a single field. FWP_E_DUPLICATE_CONDITION
430x8032002B A policy cannot contain the same keying module more than once. FWP_E_DUPLICATE_KEYMOD
440x8032002C The action type is not compatible with the layer. FWP_E_ACTION_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_LAYER
450x8032002D The action type is not compatible with the sublayer. FWP_E_ACTION_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_SUBLAYER
460x8032002E The raw context or the provider context is not compatible with the layer. FWP_E_CONTEXT_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_LAYER
470x8032002F The raw context or the provider context is not compatible with the callout. FWP_E_CONTEXT_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_CALLOUT
480x80320030 The authentication method is not compatible with the policy type. FWP_E_INCOMPATIBLE_AUTH_METHOD
490x80320031 The Diffie-Hellman group is not compatible with the policy type. FWP_E_INCOMPATIBLE_DH_GROUP
500x80320032 An IKE policy cannot contain an Extended Mode policy. FWP_E_EM_NOT_SUPPORTED
510x80320033 The enumeration template or subscription will never match any objects. FWP_E_NEVER_MATCH
520x80320034 The provider context is of the wrong type. FWP_E_PROVIDER_CONTEXT_MISMATCH
530x80320035 The parameter is incorrect. FWP_E_INVALID_PARAMETER
540x80320036 The maximum number of sublayers has been reached. FWP_E_TOO_MANY_SUBLAYERS
550x80320037 The notification function for a callout returned an error. FWP_E_CALLOUT_NOTIFICATION_FAILED
560x80320038 The IPsec authentication transform is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_AUTH_TRANSFORM
570x80320039 The IPsec cipher transform is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_CIPHER_TRANSFORM
580x8032003A The IPsec cipher transform is not compatible with the policy. FWP_E_INCOMPATIBLE_CIPHER_TRANSFORM
590x8032003B The combination of IPsec transform types is not valid. FWP_E_INVALID_TRANSFORM_COMBINATION
600x8032003C A policy cannot contain the same auth method more than once. FWP_E_DUPLICATE_AUTH_METHOD
610x8032003D A tunnel endpoint configuration is invalid. FWP_E_INVALID_TUNNEL_ENDPOINT
620x8032003E The WFP MAC Layers are not ready. FWP_E_L2_DRIVER_NOT_READY
630x8032003F A key manager capable of key dictation is already registered FWP_E_KEY_DICTATOR_ALREADY_REGISTERED
640x80320040 A key manager dictated invalid keys FWP_E_KEY_DICTATION_INVALID_KEYING_MATERIAL
650x80320041 The BFE IPsec Connection Tracking is disabled. FWP_E_CONNECTIONS_DISABLED
660x80320042 The DNS name is invalid. FWP_E_INVALID_DNS_NAME
670x80320043 The engine option is still enabled due to other configuration settings. FWP_E_STILL_ON
2600x80320104 The packet should be dropped, no ICMP should be sent. FWP_E_DROP_NOICMP

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