Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10x88990001 The object was not in the correct state to process the method. D2DERR_WRONG_STATE
20x88990002 The object has not yet been initialized. D2DERR_NOT_INITIALIZED
30x88990003 The requested operation is not supported. D2DERR_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION
40x88990004 The geometry scanner failed to process the data. D2DERR_SCANNER_FAILED
50x88990005 Direct2D could not access the screen. D2DERR_SCREEN_ACCESS_DENIED
60x88990006 A valid display state could not be determined. D2DERR_DISPLAY_STATE_INVALID
70x88990007 The supplied vector is zero. D2DERR_ZERO_VECTOR
80x88990008 An internal error (Direct2D bug) occurred. On checked builds, we would assert. The application should close this instance of Direct2D and should consider restarting its process. D2DERR_INTERNAL_ERROR
90x88990009 The display format Direct2D needs to render is not supported by the hardware device. D2DERR_DISPLAY_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED
100x8899000A A call to this method is invalid. D2DERR_INVALID_CALL
110x8899000B No hardware rendering device is available for this operation. D2DERR_NO_HARDWARE_DEVICE
120x8899000C There has been a presentation error that may be recoverable. The caller needs to recreate, rerender the entire frame, and reattempt present. D2DERR_RECREATE_TARGET
130x8899000D Shader construction failed because it was too complex. D2DERR_TOO_MANY_SHADER_ELEMENTS
140x8899000E Shader compilation failed. D2DERR_SHADER_COMPILE_FAILED
150x8899000F Requested DirectX surface size exceeded maximum texture size. D2DERR_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXCEEDED
160x88990010 The requested Direct2D version is not supported. D2DERR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION
170x88990011 Invalid number. D2DERR_BAD_NUMBER
180x88990012 Objects used together must be created from the same factory instance. D2DERR_WRONG_FACTORY
190x88990013 A layer resource can only be in use once at any point in time. D2DERR_LAYER_ALREADY_IN_USE
200x88990014 The pop call did not match the corresponding push call. D2DERR_POP_CALL_DID_NOT_MATCH_PUSH
210x88990015 The resource was realized on the wrong render target. D2DERR_WRONG_RESOURCE_DOMAIN
220x88990016 The push and pop calls were unbalanced. D2DERR_PUSH_POP_UNBALANCED
230x88990017 Attempt to copy from a render target while a layer or clip rect is applied. D2DERR_RENDER_TARGET_HAS_LAYER_OR_CLIPRECT
240x88990018 The brush types are incompatible for the call. D2DERR_INCOMPATIBLE_BRUSH_TYPES
250x88990019 An unknown win32 failure occurred. D2DERR_WIN32_ERROR
260x8899001A The render target is not compatible with GDI. D2DERR_TARGET_NOT_GDI_COMPATIBLE
270x8899001B A text client drawing effect object is of the wrong type. D2DERR_TEXT_EFFECT_IS_WRONG_TYPE
280x8899001C The application is holding a reference to the IDWriteTextRenderer interface after the corresponding DrawText or DrawTextLayout call has returned. The IDWriteTextRenderer instance will be invalid. D2DERR_TEXT_RENDERER_NOT_RELEASED
290x8899001D The requested size is larger than the guaranteed supported texture size at the Direct3D device's current feature level. D2DERR_EXCEEDS_MAX_BITMAP_SIZE
300x8899001E There was a configuration error in the graph. D2DERR_INVALID_GRAPH_CONFIGURATION
310x8899001F There was a internal configuration error in the graph. D2DERR_INVALID_INTERNAL_GRAPH_CONFIGURATION
320x88990020 There was a cycle in the graph. D2DERR_CYCLIC_GRAPH
330x88990021 Cannot draw with a bitmap that has the D2D1_BITMAP_OPTIONS_CANNOT_DRAW option. D2DERR_BITMAP_CANNOT_DRAW
340x88990022 The operation cannot complete while there are outstanding references to the target bitmap. D2DERR_OUTSTANDING_BITMAP_REFERENCES
350x88990023 The operation failed because the original target is not currently bound as a target. D2DERR_ORIGINAL_TARGET_NOT_BOUND
360x88990024 Cannot set the image as a target because it is either an effect or is a bitmap that does not have the D2D1_BITMAP_OPTIONS_TARGET flag set. D2DERR_INVALID_TARGET
370x88990025 Cannot draw with a bitmap that is currently bound as the target bitmap. D2DERR_BITMAP_BOUND_AS_TARGET
380x88990026 D3D Device does not have sufficient capabilities to perform the requested action. D2DERR_INSUFFICIENT_DEVICE_CAPABILITIES
390x88990027 The graph could not be rendered with the context's current tiling settings. D2DERR_INTERMEDIATE_TOO_LARGE
400x88990028 The CLSID provided to Unregister did not correspond to a registered effect. D2DERR_EFFECT_IS_NOT_REGISTERED
410x88990029 The specified property does not exist. D2DERR_INVALID_PROPERTY
420x8899002A The specified sub-property does not exist. D2DERR_NO_SUBPROPERTIES
430x8899002B AddPage or Close called after print job is already closed. D2DERR_PRINT_JOB_CLOSED
440x8899002C Error during print control creation. Indicates that none of the package target types (representing printer formats) are supported by Direct2D print control. D2DERR_PRINT_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED
450x8899002D An effect attempted to use a transform with too many inputs. D2DERR_TOO_MANY_TRANSFORM_INPUTS

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