Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is page contains raw error codes. It is meant as a software developer reference, not a customer support site.

10250x80110401 Errors occurred accessing one or more objects - the ErrorInfo collection may have more detail COMADMIN_E_OBJECTERRORS
10260x80110402 One or more of the object's properties are missing or invalid COMADMIN_E_OBJECTINVALID
10270x80110403 The object was not found in the catalog COMADMIN_E_KEYMISSING
10280x80110404 The object is already registered COMADMIN_E_ALREADYINSTALLED
10310x80110407 Error occurred writing to the application file COMADMIN_E_APP_FILE_WRITEFAIL
10320x80110408 Error occurred reading the application file COMADMIN_E_APP_FILE_READFAIL
10330x80110409 Invalid version number in application file COMADMIN_E_APP_FILE_VERSION
10340x8011040A The file path is invalid COMADMIN_E_BADPATH
10350x8011040B The application is already installed COMADMIN_E_APPLICATIONEXISTS
10360x8011040C The role already exists COMADMIN_E_ROLEEXISTS
10370x8011040D An error occurred copying the file COMADMIN_E_CANTCOPYFILE
10390x8011040F One or more users are not valid COMADMIN_E_NOUSER
10400x80110410 One or more users in the application file are not valid COMADMIN_E_INVALIDUSERIDS
10410x80110411 The component's CLSID is missing or corrupt COMADMIN_E_NOREGISTRYCLSID
10420x80110412 The component's progID is missing or corrupt COMADMIN_E_BADREGISTRYPROGID
10430x80110413 Unable to set required authentication level for update request COMADMIN_E_AUTHENTICATIONLEVEL
10440x80110414 The identity or password set on the application is not valid COMADMIN_E_USERPASSWDNOTVALID
10480x80110418 Application file CLSIDs or IIDs do not match corresponding DLLs COMADMIN_E_CLSIDORIIDMISMATCH
10490x80110419 Interface information is either missing or changed COMADMIN_E_REMOTEINTERFACE
10500x8011041A DllRegisterServer failed on component install COMADMIN_E_DLLREGISTERSERVER
10510x8011041B No server file share available COMADMIN_E_NOSERVERSHARE
10530x8011041D DLL could not be loaded COMADMIN_E_DLLLOADFAILED
10540x8011041E The registered TypeLib ID is not valid COMADMIN_E_BADREGISTRYLIBID
10550x8011041F Application install directory not found COMADMIN_E_APPDIRNOTFOUND
10590x80110423 Errors occurred while in the component registrar COMADMIN_E_REGISTRARFAILED
10600x80110424 The file does not exist COMADMIN_E_COMPFILE_DOESNOTEXIST
10610x80110425 The DLL could not be loaded COMADMIN_E_COMPFILE_LOADDLLFAIL
10620x80110426 GetClassObject failed in the DLL COMADMIN_E_COMPFILE_GETCLASSOBJ
10630x80110427 The DLL does not support the components listed in the TypeLib COMADMIN_E_COMPFILE_CLASSNOTAVAIL
10640x80110428 The TypeLib could not be loaded COMADMIN_E_COMPFILE_BADTLB
10650x80110429 The file does not contain components or component information COMADMIN_E_COMPFILE_NOTINSTALLABLE
10660x8011042A Changes to this object and its sub-objects have been disabled COMADMIN_E_NOTCHANGEABLE
10670x8011042B The delete function has been disabled for this object COMADMIN_E_NOTDELETEABLE
10680x8011042C The server catalog version is not supported COMADMIN_E_SESSION
10690x8011042D The component move was disallowed, because the source or destination application is either a system application or currently locked against changes COMADMIN_E_COMP_MOVE_LOCKED
10700x8011042E The component move failed because the destination application no longer exists COMADMIN_E_COMP_MOVE_BAD_DEST
10720x80110430 The system was unable to register the TypeLib COMADMIN_E_REGISTERTLB
10750x80110433 This operation cannot be performed on the system application COMADMIN_E_SYSTEMAPP
10760x80110434 The component registrar referenced in this file is not available COMADMIN_E_COMPFILE_NOREGISTRAR
10770x80110435 A component in the same DLL is already installed COMADMIN_E_COREQCOMPINSTALLED
10780x80110436 The service is not installed COMADMIN_E_SERVICENOTINSTALLED
10790x80110437 One or more property settings are either invalid or in conflict with each other COMADMIN_E_PROPERTYSAVEFAILED
10800x80110438 The object you are attempting to add or rename already exists COMADMIN_E_OBJECTEXISTS
10810x80110439 The component already exists COMADMIN_E_COMPONENTEXISTS
10830x8011043B The registration file is corrupt COMADMIN_E_REGFILE_CORRUPT
10840x8011043C The property value is too large COMADMIN_E_PROPERTY_OVERFLOW
10860x8011043E Object was not found in registry COMADMIN_E_NOTINREGISTRY
10870x8011043F This object is not poolable COMADMIN_E_OBJECTNOTPOOLABLE
10940x80110446 A CLSID with the same GUID as the new application ID is already installed on this machine COMADMIN_E_APPLID_MATCHES_CLSID
10950x80110447 A role assigned to a component, interface, or method did not exist in the application COMADMIN_E_ROLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
10960x80110448 You must have components in an application in order to start the application COMADMIN_E_START_APP_NEEDS_COMPONENTS
10970x80110449 This operation is not enabled on this platform COMADMIN_E_REQUIRES_DIFFERENT_PLATFORM
10980x8011044A Application Proxy is not exportable COMADMIN_E_CAN_NOT_EXPORT_APP_PROXY
10990x8011044B Failed to start application because it is either a library application or an application proxy COMADMIN_E_CAN_NOT_START_APP
11000x8011044C System application is not exportable COMADMIN_E_CAN_NOT_EXPORT_SYS_APP
11010x8011044D Cannot subscribe to this component (the component may have been imported) COMADMIN_E_CANT_SUBSCRIBE_TO_COMPONENT
11020x8011044E An event class cannot also be a subscriber component COMADMIN_E_EVENTCLASS_CANT_BE_SUBSCRIBER
11030x8011044F Library applications and application proxies are incompatible COMADMIN_E_LIB_APP_PROXY_INCOMPATIBLE
11040x80110450 This function is valid for the base partition only COMADMIN_E_BASE_PARTITION_ONLY
11050x80110451 You cannot start an application that has been disabled COMADMIN_E_START_APP_DISABLED
11110x80110457 The specified partition name is already in use on this computer COMADMIN_E_CAT_DUPLICATE_PARTITION_NAME
11120x80110458 The specified partition name is invalid. Check that the name contains at least one visible character COMADMIN_E_CAT_INVALID_PARTITION_NAME
11130x80110459 The partition cannot be deleted because it is the default partition for one or more users COMADMIN_E_CAT_PARTITION_IN_USE
11140x8011045A The partition cannot be exported, because one or more components in the partition have the same file name COMADMIN_E_FILE_PARTITION_DUPLICATE_FILES
11150x8011045B Applications that contain one or more imported components cannot be installed into a non-base partition COMADMIN_E_CAT_IMPORTED_COMPONENTS_NOT_ALLOWED
11160x8011045C The application name is not unique and cannot be resolved to an application id COMADMIN_E_AMBIGUOUS_APPLICATION_NAME
11170x8011045D The partition name is not unique and cannot be resolved to a partition id COMADMIN_E_AMBIGUOUS_PARTITION_NAME
11380x80110472 The COM+ registry database has not been initialized COMADMIN_E_REGDB_NOTINITIALIZED
11390x80110473 The COM+ registry database is not open COMADMIN_E_REGDB_NOTOPEN
11400x80110474 The COM+ registry database detected a system error COMADMIN_E_REGDB_SYSTEMERR
11410x80110475 The COM+ registry database is already running COMADMIN_E_REGDB_ALREADYRUNNING
11520x80110480 This version of the COM+ registry database cannot be migrated COMADMIN_E_MIG_VERSIONNOTSUPPORTED
11530x80110481 The schema version to be migrated could not be found in the COM+ registry database COMADMIN_E_MIG_SCHEMANOTFOUND
11540x80110482 There was a type mismatch between binaries COMADMIN_E_CAT_BITNESSMISMATCH
11550x80110483 A binary of unknown or invalid type was provided COMADMIN_E_CAT_UNACCEPTABLEBITNESS
11560x80110484 There was a type mismatch between a binary and an application COMADMIN_E_CAT_WRONGAPPBITNESS
11570x80110485 The application cannot be paused or resumed COMADMIN_E_CAT_PAUSE_RESUME_NOT_SUPPORTED
11580x80110486 The COM+ Catalog Server threw an exception during execution COMADMIN_E_CAT_SERVERFAULT
15360x80110600 Only COM+ Applications marked "queued" can be invoked using the "queue" moniker COMQC_E_APPLICATION_NOT_QUEUED
15370x80110601 At least one interface must be marked "queued" in order to create a queued component instance with the "queue" moniker COMQC_E_NO_QUEUEABLE_INTERFACES
15380x80110602 MSMQ is required for the requested operation and is not installed COMQC_E_QUEUING_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE
15390x80110603 Unable to marshal an interface that does not support IPersistStream COMQC_E_NO_IPERSISTSTREAM
15400x80110604 The message is improperly formatted or was damaged in transit COMQC_E_BAD_MESSAGE
15410x80110605 An unauthenticated message was received by an application that accepts only authenticated messages COMQC_E_UNAUTHENTICATED
15420x80110606 The message was requeued or moved by a user not in the "QC Trusted User" role COMQC_E_UNTRUSTED_ENQUEUER
17930x80110701 Cannot create a duplicate resource of type Distributed Transaction Coordinator MSDTC_E_DUPLICATE_RESOURCE
20560x80110808 One of the objects being inserted or updated does not belong to a valid parent collection COMADMIN_E_OBJECT_PARENT_MISSING
20570x80110809 One of the specified objects cannot be found COMADMIN_E_OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
20580x8011080A The specified application is not currently running COMADMIN_E_APP_NOT_RUNNING
20590x8011080B The partition(s) specified are not valid. COMADMIN_E_INVALID_PARTITION
20610x8011080D COM+ applications that run as NT service may not be pooled or recycled COMADMIN_E_SVCAPP_NOT_POOLABLE_OR_RECYCLABLE
20620x8011080E One or more users are already assigned to a local partition set. COMADMIN_E_USER_IN_SET
20630x8011080F Library applications may not be recycled. COMADMIN_E_CANTRECYCLELIBRARYAPPS
20650x80110811 Applications running as NT services may not be recycled. COMADMIN_E_CANTRECYCLESERVICEAPPS
20660x80110812 The process has already been recycled. COMADMIN_E_PROCESSALREADYRECYCLED
20670x80110813 A paused process may not be recycled. COMADMIN_E_PAUSEDPROCESSMAYNOTBERECYCLED
20680x80110814 Library applications may not be NT services. COMADMIN_E_CANTMAKEINPROCSERVICE
20690x80110815 The ProgID provided to the copy operation is invalid. The ProgID is in use by another registered CLSID. COMADMIN_E_PROGIDINUSEBYCLSID
20700x80110816 The partition specified as default is not a member of the partition set. COMADMIN_E_DEFAULT_PARTITION_NOT_IN_SET
20710x80110817 A recycled process may not be paused. COMADMIN_E_RECYCLEDPROCESSMAYNOTBEPAUSED
20720x80110818 Access to the specified partition is denied. COMADMIN_E_PARTITION_ACCESSDENIED
20730x80110819 Only Application Files (*.MSI files) can be installed into partitions. COMADMIN_E_PARTITION_MSI_ONLY
20740x8011081A Applications containing one or more legacy components may not be exported to 1.0 format. COMADMIN_E_LEGACYCOMPS_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_1_0_FORMAT
20750x8011081B Legacy components may not exist in non-base partitions. COMADMIN_E_LEGACYCOMPS_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_NONBASE_PARTITIONS
20760x8011081C A component cannot be moved (or copied) from the System Application, an application proxy or a non-changeable application COMADMIN_E_COMP_MOVE_SOURCE
20770x8011081D A component cannot be moved (or copied) to the System Application, an application proxy or a non-changeable application COMADMIN_E_COMP_MOVE_DEST
20780x8011081E A private component cannot be moved (or copied) to a library application or to the base partition COMADMIN_E_COMP_MOVE_PRIVATE
20790x8011081F The Base Application Partition exists in all partition sets and cannot be removed. COMADMIN_E_BASEPARTITION_REQUIRED_IN_SET
20800x80110820 Alas, Event Class components cannot be aliased. COMADMIN_E_CANNOT_ALIAS_EVENTCLASS
20810x80110821 Access is denied because the component is private. COMADMIN_E_PRIVATE_ACCESSDENIED
20820x80110822 The specified SAFER level is invalid. COMADMIN_E_SAFERINVALID
20830x80110823 The specified user cannot write to the system registry COMADMIN_E_REGISTRY_ACCESSDENIED
20840x80110824 COM+ partitions are currently disabled. COMADMIN_E_PARTITIONS_DISABLED

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